IVCC offers two certificates in wind energy.

Basic Wind Energy Certificate


Renewable Wind energy Technician – BASIC CERTIFICATE

WND 1200. Wind Energy Concepts. 3 hrs.
This course is the first course in the wind energy program. Topics include the history, economics, operation and terminology of the wind turbine. This class also introduces students to the wind energy trainers and has a lab component. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 2 hours.

WND 1210. OSHA & Wind Turbine Safety. 2 hrs.
This course covers the basic safety practices for the Wind Turbine industry with a focus on OSHA regulations and standards and is appropriate for any industrial Electro-mechanical system. This course also covers Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE). Prerequisite: Pass physical from a medical professional before attempting the climb component. Lecture, 1.5 hours; lab, 1 hour.

WND 2200. Wind Turbine Control, Operation & Maintenance. 4 hrs.
This course covers the relationships between mechanics, electronics, and wind energy to operate, control, and maintain a wind turbine. Major lab time will be devoted to troubleshooting and field testing techniques. Lecture, 2 hours; lab, 4 hours.

WND 2222. Wind Energy Tech Internship. 3 hrs.
This course is the final course for the Basic Wind Energy Tech Certificate. The student must work 225 hours at an approved site and complete weekly reports as well as a final written report. Prerequisite:

WND 2200 and Instructor Consent


Renewable Wind energy Technician - ADVANCED CERTIFICATE        

ELE 2200

Power Generation & Distribution


ELT 1200

Beginning Industrial Electronics


ELE 1205

Programmable Logic Controllers II


EMS 2200

First Responder


ELT 2210

HMI and SCADA and Fiber Optics Networking


ELE 1203

Motors and Controls II






Fall semester total


Renewable Wind energy Technician ADVANCED CERTIFICATE


Requires completion of the Basic Certificate.