Frequently Asked Questions for WebAdvisor

When does registration start?

 How do I check my grades?

Do I have a WebAdvisor account?

 Forgot your password?

 Having trouble re-setting your password?

The wrong email, or no email is on file, what do I do?

 How do I register for CNA when I have ALH 1210 and 1211 on my sheet?

I'm trying to register and the computer says they have not met the pre-requisite, what do I do?

What does the Error message "You are not eligible for registration at this time" mean?

How can I request Transcripts? 

What does the Warning "Multiple Submit Warning "mean? 

I have a Academic Hold, Counselor Hold, or Cashier Hold, what do I do?

Registration is not allowed. You have no active Academic Program, who do I proceed?

Which Action do I select when registering? Please choose an action for ALL or an individual action; not both

What is the link for the Responds browser?


When does registration start?

Summer 2013 Registration: Tuesday, April 2nd

Fall 2013 Registration Begins: Tuesday April 9th

Registration begins on-line ONLY through WebAdvisor at 8:00am, in-person at 12:00pm, and via phone/fax/mail at 2:00pm.


How do I check my grades?

  • Go to www.ivcc.edu/webadvisor
  • Log in. If you have never used Webadvisor before, you will need to set up your account. For assistance, contact us at 815-224-0318 or in person in the Learning Commons at the Student Help Desk in D-201.
  • On the first page, click the banner on the right hand side named "Students." This will take you to a page with several banners with links underneath them. Under the banner "Academic Profile" select the option “Grade Point Average by Term.” Webadvisor will ask for you to select the desired term. If this option is not visible, two conditions are possible: 1) It is possible that grade viewing is not available at that time; or 2) You may see a link to update/verify your information. You will have to click this link and review your information before Webadvisor will permit you access to your information.
  • Once you are able to access your grade information, Webadvisor will provide the term GPA, the number of credits earned, the number of grade points earned (used for GPA), and individual grades.   
  • If a grade is not visible, it is possible that it has not been entered or verified by the instructor. If you would like to print a copy, you can use your print button on your browser.

Be sure to log out to keep your information secure!


Do I have a WebAdvisor account?

Are you a current student or have you been a student since 2003?

If Yes:
You should already have a WebAdvisor account. To activate your account, go to www.ivcc.edu/webadvisor and click the link "SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT" located on the left side of the page.

If No:
Have you applied to the college?

No, I have not applied to the college.
We apologize, you will not be able to register online today. You will need to complete an application. The application is available online at www.ivcc.edu/apply.

Yes, I have applied to the college.
Students who are registered prior to the beginning of the semester automatically receive a Webadvisor account. After the semester begins, prospective students who want to register for classes online will need to request a Webadvisor account. You may use the link here to go directly to the webpage and request a WebAdvisor account. If you need further assistance, you may receive support in person in the Learning Commons (D201) at the Student Help Desk, or by phone (815) 224-0318 or via e-mail at shd@ivcc.edu.  Please note that requests for Webadvisor accounts are processed on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.



I have forgotten my password


You will need to reset your password. Choose the “WHAT'S MY PASSWORD?” link from WebAdvisor's main menu and then choose "Reset my password."  Follow the instruction to get your temporary password.

WebAdvisor Password Reset (.pdf)

*** If you do not have a valid email account, you will need to call the Records Office (815 224-0447) and have them update your email account.***


I am not able to re-set my password


If you can not make your password work, close the browser entirely and try again. If after the second time it doesn’t work, Contact the Learning Commons - Student Help Desk(D201) in person, by phone (815) 224-0318 or via email using our contact form.


If you have a wrong email or no email on file.

You will need to call the Records Office (224-0447) and have them update your email account.


If you want to register for CNA and have ALH 1210 and 1211

Call the counseling center (815) 224-0363 for assistance with changing classes.

Once you have the correct sections, you can register on the Web. (note: the classes were changed late, so your sections may no longer be valid.)


If you are trying to register and the computer says you have not met the pre-requisite:

 If you have an orange form signed by a counselor, call (815) 224-0363. The counselor will verify the  pre-requisite for you and make the necessary changes. Then, you can register using WebAdvisor Registration.

If you do not have an orange form signed by a counselor, there is a pre-requisite for the course. A counselor would be able to explain the pre-requisite or other options ( 815 224-0360).

If you signed on right before or right at 8:00 a.m. and after clicking the submit you get the following message, “You are not eligible for registration at this time."

You signed on before Web Registration was made available. You do NOT need to log out—use the Student Menu button at the top of WebAdvisor and use the "Register and Drop Sections" link under RegistrationThis time, when you click submit, it should work (provided we have made Web Registration available.)

  ***   Web Registration is made available at exactly 8:00 a.m. IVCC time.  ***



1. This is only for official transcripts,  not for faxes or unofficial requests.


2.The student must have the address for the school they are sending the transcript to.


3. This function will be turned off during the times when grades are being entered. If the function is not available, the student will have to download the PDF Transcript Request Form  from the Admissions website and mail, fax, or deliver the form in person to the Admissions office for processing.


4. Transcripts will be processed within 24 hours IF there are no holds on the student's record.


5. Students who do not have a WebAdvisor account need to be aware that requesting an account is not immediate. If a transcript request needs to be processed quickly, it is best to download the PDF Transcript Request Form  from the Admissions website and mail, fax, or deliver the form in person to the Admissions office for processing. Please visit the Admissions website on transcripts  for further information.


1. For your security, you have been timed out

If you would like to access your accounts again, please Log In Again. The time allowed between <enter> is 10 minutes.  If it takes you  longer than 10 minutes when entering courses, you will lose anything typed but not submitted.

Resolution: You will have to log back in and reenter the courses.  You should submit entries every few minutes.

Note: courses do not have to be registered for (submitted) at the same time.


2.Multiple Submit Warning

The requested Web page is inaccessible as you have submitted the page multiple times. The procedure is a security precaution of the system.

Resolution: This means you hit submit more than once. Go to the "Student Menu" at the top and go directly to "Register and Drop Sections" under Registration which will show you which classes were added to your lists.  Be sure to only hit submit once and then wait! If the process you just did does not show up, return to the menu page and restart the original process, reentering your data. Be sure to only hit submit ONCE and then wait!



3. Academic Hold or Counselor Hold: 

  A hold placed by counseling to ensure that the student has seen a counselor. 

Resolution:  To have this hold removed from your account, contact counseling  at 815 224-0363.  After the hold is removed you will be able to register on the web


4.Cashier Hold
There is a balance due to the college.

Resolution: Call the Cashier at (815) 224-0213. After the issue has been resolved,  you will be able to register on the web.


5.Registration is not allowed. You have no active Academic Program.


Resolution: In order to proceed, call Records at 815 224-0447 and ask for an academic program to be added to your records.


6.Please choose an action for ALL or an individual action; not both.

Resolution: You have chosen an action in the top box and in the individual boxes listed next to your course. Be sure the top box (Action for ALL Sections) is blank and select submit. This will then register you for your classes.

7.  java.net.SocketException: socket write error (code=10053)

Resolution:WebAdvisor is experiencing a technical difficulty. Try again in 2-3 minutes. If that doesn’t work, call (815) 224-0555 and tell them “WebAdvisor is giving a java socket error.” They will know what this means.

For other support issues not listed, Contact the Learning Commons -Student Help Desk  (D201) in person, by phone (815) 224-0318 or via e-mail at shd@ivcc.edu


Learning Commons - Student Help Desk
Illinois Valley Community College

Phone: 815-224-0318       Fax: 815-224-3033       Email: shd@ivcc.edu
Web Page: http://www.ivcc.edu/studenthelpdesk/