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Virtual Tour Transcript

Welcome to the IVCC Virtual Tour! We are glad that you are considering IVCC for your future education. Since 1924, IVCC has been proud to serve the community by providing quality education at an affordable price. Over the years, our alumni have gone on to become leaders, not only in our community but across the United States.

Throughout this tour, we hope to provide you with an overview of the many wonderful opportunities here at IVCC, as well as provide you with the information you need to be successful in your educational journey. We will spotlight some of our key student services, academic and extra-curricular opportunities, and academic programs of study. We will offer numerous links to our website, which will provide you with more detailed information about the college and its services.

Finally, we hope that the student testimonials, videos, and other enhancements will give you a clearer picture of our college community and we invite you to become a part of our rich tradition. Help us to help you find your best fit here at Illinois Valley Community College—whether it is for a class, a degree, or for a lifetime of learning. IVCC—no place so close can take you so far!



The IVCC Bookstore stocks required and optional books for IVCC courses. New and used books are available, but used books quantities are limited, especially as we approach the start of classes. Order or find prices for your textbooks online at The bookstore’s rental program includes twenty books and more are added each semester. If a rental book is available for your course you pay $48 when you rent it and receive $20 back at the end of the semester if returned by the deadline. All books are distributed by bookstore employees at our text counter in the rear of the store. Your schedule is required to receive books so we can be sure we’re giving you the right books.

The bookstore also stocks notebooks, binders, legal pads, index cards and anything you may need to complete your IVCC coursework. We also carry Microsoft and Adobe software at academic prices as well as a wide range of electronics such as calculators, thumb drives, voice recorders and batteries.

Show your school spirit in our broad array of IVCC clothing. T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats and shorts in a variety of colors by Deer, Nike, J. America and Dodger are available at attractive prices. Have fun with IVCC mugs, water bottles, key chains, decals, photo frames and more. Shop your college bookstore for all of your back-to-school needs.


Placement and Testing

Welcome to Placement Testing at IVCC.  The IVCC Placement Test consists of English, math, reading and basic computer skills. The test is on a computerized system and usually takes about two-to-three hours to complete. Please call us at (815) 224-0542 to set up your appointment and don’t forget your photo ID on test day. Detailed information and a test review can be found on our website.


Financial Assistance

The Financial Aid Office serves students and families by helping them find sources of financial assistance, which give them access to college. There are four types of financial aid. Grants, which are awarded to students based on financial need. Grants are considered gift assistance which do not require repayment. Second are loans, which are awarded to students or parents to help meet education related expenses. The third is employment. The federal work study program allows students to earn money while attending school. And the fourth is scholarships, which are awarded to students based on merit, talent, financial need or other specialized criteria.


Course Selection

We offer academic advising services here at IVCC. Academic advising is a collaborative, educational process whereby you and the counselor are partners in ensuring your academic success and outlining the steps for achievement of personal, academic and career goals. IVCC counselors provide developmental advising support that includes assistance planning a schedule for the next semester, strategies to address academic difficulties and preparation for university transfer or entering into the workforce.

We also offer transfer services. IVCC offers a wide variety of courses specifically designed for transfer. This enables you to complete the first two years of coursework leading toward a bachelor’s degree in virtually any field of study at a four year college or university. Our transfer coordinating counselors are available to assist you in planning your program of study and selecting coursework for a seamless transfer. Please visit the IVCC Transfer Services website at for a wealth of information on transferring.

Career Counseling is a wonderful service that we offer here. IVCC counselors can help you to explore and clarify your understanding of personal qualities that influence your career choice. Counselors assist with identifying your personal interests, skills and abilities and will help you to match an educational plan that suits your interests, abilities, needs and goals.

The IVCC Personal Counseling Assistance Program, which we call PCAP, provides confidential and professional counseling assistance in emergency situations as well as with ongoing problems that may be adversely affecting your success in college. Our counselors are professionally trained in several mental health areas and will assist you in learning how to manage personal issues and develop skills for success.



College Credit

Currently IVCC offers two options for earning college credit while you’re still enrolled in high school. The first option is Dual Credit, credit earned at both the high school and the college simultaneously. The second option is Dual Enrollment, where you’re enrolled at both the high school and the college but only earning the college credit. For the Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment option, E2C is the option you want to go. E2C, Early Entry to College, are classes that are generally designed to transfer to other colleges and universities. The tuition on such classes is 50 percent the IVCC normal tuition rate per credit hour. 

The PCCS side, Partnerships for College and Career Success, are courses that are designed to be a part of one of IVCC’s Career or Technical Programs, either a degree or a certificate program, from welding to early childhood education to therapeutic massage. You can find those classes in the Career and Technical Programs area. The tuition on those classes is free. Zero cost to the high school student. For more information on Dual Credit-Dual Enrollment please contact your guidance counselor or principal or call Mark Grzybowski at IVCC at 224-0598.



Hi, I’m Dr. David Allen Kuester and I am the leader of the IVCC drama program and have been for the last ten years. We bring a lot of joy to the table here at IVCC. We have a great program. It has opportunities for many people, both theatre majors and anybody who just wants to get involved with theatre here at IVCC. We have a full range of transferable courses. One of our most popular courses that we teach that many students take is Introduction to Theatre, which is a fine course that gives a background in history of theatre productions.

We have a full range of courses in theatre arts that we offer. Our most popular one is Introduction to Theatre and many people take that as their core humanities course. We also have a very popular courses, Play Production, in which students can get a wide variety of credits for a wide variety of tasks. You can get credits for being in our play productions, you can concentrate your credits in acting, you can concentrate your credits that are earned as studio credits for music and you can also do it for dance. We also teach a full range of acting courses, both Advanced Acting and Introduction to Acting, and we also have moral interpretation courses available.

We have a full range of productions. We usually do three main productions a year. A fall production, which is usually a regular play but last year we did some new stuff. We’re the first community college to get the rights to do “Bat Boy: The Musical,” and we did that in the fall. We do a lot of main stage productions. We have a 600-seat auditorium and we use it as much as we possibly can. We also have a great improv team and it’s about 25 people deep. We play out and do improvisational comedy and improvisational theatre throughout the community.



Heather Safranski
My name is Heather Safranski and I am a sophomore here at Illinois Valley Community College. There are many differences between high school and college, for example.  First of all, you have a lot more freedom and independence. You also have a lot more time in between all of your classes. You may have a chance to go get lunch or maybe you can get a job and work in between your different classes. There’s also a lot more people here, a chance to meet many new people from different schools. Those are all the differences between college and high school so make sure you have a fun time but do your homework.

Cooper Westvig
Hi, my name is Cooper Westvig and I’m a student athlete at Illinois Valley Community College. From a student athlete point of view, IV is spectacular. When you play basketball you have to sign an attendance tracker and you have to do progress reports and it really makes you buckle down and do your work because if you don’t you’re ineligible and you lose your tuition waver. Time management is huge when you’re a student athlete because you have six hours a week for practice on top of 16 credit hours. You’re responsibility level goes up dramatically and when you’re an athlete they help you along more with that because they make sure you’re in class, they make sure you’ve got your grades. So to be an athlete is amazing from my point of view at IVCC.



Cheyanne Smith
Hi, I’m Cheyanne Smith and I’m currently enrolled at IVCC. Next year I’m going to be a sophomore and I just got elected as the Trustee. I’m on Student Government right now and I love it, it was a great opportunity. I decided to run because I went to three different high schools and I never got the opportunity to, so once I go here and I knew I was going to be here for two years I decided that I just had to take that opportunity. Luckily, I got the position and I have enjoyed it completely. I would really urge everyone to join and try to get involved in the school because it really enriches your experience.

Cassie Fuller
Hi, my name is Cassie Fuller and I am a student here at IVCC and I also participate as the Student Trustee in Student Government. The one thing that Student Government has taught me is how to be a better person, how to be a better adult. I’ve been able to participate in many different charities.  I’ve been able to travel across the U.S. I’ve gone to New York City and Washington, D.C.  for Student Government and I’ve met people like government officials, both U.S. and state representatives and I’ve been able to lobby in Washington, D.C., so it’s really been a great experience for me.



Veronica Blue
Hi, my name is Veronica Blue and I am a sophomore student here at IVCC and I’m pursuing a major in elementary education. I’ll be transferring after I graduate this spring. IVCC has really helped me achieve my goals to become an elementary school teacher. One of the hardest things about college is paying for it and through the Foundation Scholarships that IVCC offers I was able to receive the money I needed to be successful in college. Foundation Scholarships are really easy to apply for. All you have to do is pick up one application and check the box for all the different scholarships that you think you might qualify for. You write only one scholarship application and essay and turn that in and then whatever scholarship donors believe that you are worthy of their scholarship will give you the money that they think you deserve. I received one scholarship from the IVCC Foundation and that $1,000 really helped me achieve my goals here at IVCC.

Danny Blomquist
My name is Danny Blomquist and I’m a sophomore here at Illinois Valley Community College. When I first initially thought of coming to IVCC I was a little apprehensive because I didn’t know as far as taking out loans and stuff what it would entail. It was after I had spoken with a counselor here and determined my classes that they made the suggestion to go step into the Foundation Office and after I had spoken with someone there they informed me of all the scholarships available. I was concerned about my particular major; I’m going in for physical therapy, so I actually was able to apply for several health care scholarships and was presented with the Rhea Crowder Health Care Scholarship. The scholarship really helped me financially. When you’re trying to go to school and balance work with other things like athletics and stuff, just any extracurricular activities, it really helps a lot when you’re able to get those funds to help support your studies. It allows you to be able to concentrate on your studies. So I recommend to anyone, if you’re looking for it or if you’re concerned about it, step into the Foundation Office and they will be more than willing to help you get through whatever funding you need comfortably.