Financial Assistance

Illinois Veteran’s Grant-Visit www.isac.org.  Type in the search bar-"ivg application", click on the first choice of "Application", scroll down to "Illinois Veteran's Grant Program Application, click on ". Application".  Page 2 contains the instructions.  You may also come to the Truck Driver Training Center for an application.  Once you receive your approval letter then you must contact our Financial Aid Office on the main campus to verify eligibility.  Their number is 815-224-0200.  The IVG does not cover lab fees which are presently $237.00.

Other funding available for Veteran's - G.I Bill and the National Guard Grant are two more funding resources. Contact our Financial Aid Office at 815-224-0200 to see if you are eligible for either of these. Individual semester applications may apply.

Tri-County Opportunities Council Community Services Grant - Eligibility for this program is limited to families having incomes at or below the federal poverty-income guidelines. Contact Tri-County Opportunities Council in La Salle at 815-224-0028.

         WIOA - Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Grants   
          You may be eligible if you:

  • Have been laid off or have received notice of a permanent layoff due to a plant closure, company downsizing, restructuring or change in market conditions.
  • Are eligible for or have exhausted your unemployment compensation and are unlikely to return to your previous occupation.
  • Were self-employed and are now unemployed as a result of general economic conditions - you must show profit loss statement.
  • Displaced homemaker

  • We are in LWIA 4 - the program is administered by B.E.S.T. Inc. with an office on campus in E-317. Call 815-224-0370 or 815-224-0374.

         Dept. of Human Services/Division of Rehabilitation Services -  
         DHS’s Div.of Rehabilitation Services is the state’s leading agency
         Serving individuals with disabilities. DRS works in partnership with
         people with disabilities and their families to assist them in making
         informed choices to achieve full community participation through
         employment, education, and independent living opportunities.
         DHS/DRS is located in La Salle at 905 Second Street.
                Phone :815-224-1314

         IVCC also accepts Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American
         Express cards.

        PAYMENT PLAN now available. Call Mary Beth at 815-224-0265.