Common Works Cited Formulas in MLA Style

The following documents list the most commonly used formulas for citing sources in MLA style. If you wish to cite a source not covered in these documents, consult the manual in the Writing Center or Jacobs Library, or call 815-224-0318 during Writing Center hours.

Another excellent source for clarifying Works Cited formulas is the Frequently Asked Questions section of the MLA website.

Citing Print Sources

Includes formulas for citing print sources such as books, works in anthologies, and print maps. Print sources are ones you actually have in their original printed form. If you have a source that is typically printed, such as a book or magazine article, but you got it from a database or Web site, see below.

Citing Works from Databases

Includes formulas for citing works accessed through the Jacobs Library research databases:

  •  journal articles, magazine articles, newspaper articles accessed through databases such as Proquest, Academic Search Premier, and JSTOR
  • articles from reference works accessed through databases such as SAGE Reference and Pop Culture Universe
  • online books accessed through databases such as NetLibrary

Citing Works from the Web

Includes formulas for citing works accessed through the Internet, such as Web pages, online books, and online maps.

Citing Works from the Gale Databases

Includes formulas for citing works from sources such as Drama for Students, Short Stories for Students, Drama Criticism, and Short Story Criticism accessed through the Gale databases at Jacobs Library. This document addresses Gale online sources only. For information on citing Gale print sources, see the Jacobs Library Web page.

Citing Other Media

Includes formulas for citing television shows, DVDs, VHS tapes, live performances, and works of art. These formulas do not apply to works accessed online; see the document for Web sources above.

Citing Other Works

Personal Interview

If you interviewed a source, cite by including his or her name, the type of interview (such as Personal, Telephone, or Email) and the date.

Phillips, Mike. Personal Interview. 28 Jan. 2010.

Alvin, Steve. Email Interview. 28 Jan. 2010.

Class Lecture

If you are citing information your instructor gave in class, cite by including the instructor's name, the word Lecture, the class, the location, and the date.

Jagasia, Koshu. Lecture. English Composition 1. Illinois Valley Community College, Oglesby, IL. 19 Feb. 2010.