Office 365 Student Email

On May 23, 2016, the IVCC student email system changed from Zimbra to MS Office 365.  You will find the link to the Office 365 email directly below this paragraph, and the old Zimbra email account information is found below the Office 365 information.

Student Email Login page:  www.ivcc.edu/studentemail

You will need to reset your student email password every 90 days.

Quick Start Guide for MS Office 365 IVCC Student E-mail (PDF)   --This PDF contains information on sending attachments, forwarding emails to a personal email account, creating a signature, etc.

Initial Login Information

  •  Username and Email Address:  K-Number@Office365.ivcc.edu
  •  Initial Password:  EaglesXXXXXXX (the Xs are your IVCC 7-digit student ID number)
  •  Upon your first login, you will be prompted to create a new password.  Your new password must be 8-16 characters in length, containing three of the following:  uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, special character.
  • Once logged in, you will be prompted to select a language (English) and a time zone (Central Time US & Canada).
  • If you are automatically logged out of your email on your first login when setting up your new password or when resetting your password, then wait five minutes before trying to log into your email again.  You should be able to log into your account successfully after this time has passed.


Self-Service Password Reset 

Would you like to be able to reset your own email password if you forget it?  To set up your self-service email password reset, go to www.ivcc.edu/studentemailpassword and log in using your student email username and password.  You will be given a choice to set up two of three options:  mobile phone, personal email, and security questions.  You will need to verify your authentication immediately, so be sure you have your mobile phone to receive your verification code and can log into your personal email to receive your verification code.  You will need to enter the verification codes to finish the self-service email password reset process.  You cannot reset your own password until you set up this process.  If you have not set up the self-service email password reset and need to have your password reset, you will need to contact the Student Help Desk (closed on weekends).

Would you like to install MS Office 365 software for free on your personal devices?

  • As a registered student at IVCC, you can install MS Office 365 ProPlus 2016 on up to five compatible personal devices for use while you are a student at IVCC.  This package includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and more.  And, you can use OneDrive for syncing across your devices.
  • To download and install MS Office ProPlus:  Log into your Office 365 student email account, click on 'Office 365' in the upper left corner, then click on 'Install Office 2016' in the upper right corner and follow the prompts.  If you wish to see the apps you will be installing or you want to learn about the Phone & Tablet options, click on 'Other installs'.
  • If you would like step-by-step instructions or MS Office Contact Support, please visit http://aka.ms/office365help and follow the steps for 'Office for business'.

Don't know your K-Number?

Click here and select WHAT'S MY USER ID (K-NUMBER)?

New ID

 All official electronic correspondence from IVCC will only be sent to your IVCC Student Email.

Old Zimbra Student Email Information

Students can no longer access their Zimbra student email accounts.  These accounts were kept available through May 2017.

For Assistance, contact the Student Help Desk:

   Phone: 815-224-0318      Email: shd@ivcc.edu      In-Person: Room D-201