Campus Technology

Read our 2014-2015 Student Technology Guide for more information.

All college computers with the exception of the graphic design lab:

  • utilize the Windows 7 operating system
  • have Microsoft Office Professional 2010 or 2013 installed
  • are networked to provide students with a network account (U:\ drive) to store files
  • have CD/DVD drives and USB ports
  • have Internet access

Additionally, IVCC has numerous computer labs and course-specific labs throughout the campus.


Each computer lab on campus is equipped with a black and white printer. The printers located in the Jacobs Library,  the Learning Commons, and at the Ottawa Center utilize a print release station for printing. Black and white prints are 5 cents per page.  A color printer for student use is also located in the Learning Commons upon request.  Color prints are 25 cents per page.

Wireless Access

Wireless access is available to students and IVCC employees in the following locations. Your network credentials will be required to log in.

  • The Cafeteria

  • Board Room

  • C316

  • The Learning Commons (D201)

  • Building D > B Interconnect (Third Floor)

  • D225

  • The Library

  • The Lobby

  • Community Technology Center
  • Cultural Centre

  • The Reading and Math Labs (B201)

  • A211

  • Chemistry Lab

  • Truck Driver Training Building (Building H)

  • Autoshop

For further information and step-by-step set up instructions, visit the Information Technology Services Wireless Access web page.

The Learning Commons Computer Lab- D201

The Learning Commons computer lab is an open lab environment with 53 PCs and 2 Mac computers. All computers are networked to a black and white printer that utilizes a print-release station for printing. The lab is staffed and maintained by the Student Help Desk staff.

Technology available in the lab:

  • Calculators

  • Headphones

  • Laptops

  • Microphones

  • Multi-card reader

  • Over 30 different software packages

  • Scanner

  • Wireless access for your own laptop or other mobile device

Software by Discipline 

This PDF file will list the various types of software available in the Learning Commons and what computer bank the software can be found. 


Learning Commons - Student Help Desk
Illinois Valley Community College

Phone: 815-224-0318     Email: shd@ivcc.edu   
Web Page: http://www.ivcc.edu/studenthelpdesk