Student Clubs & Organizations: Catering instructions & procedures 

Country Catering contact information:

Phone:    Office on campus: Ext 548
Cell:        815-368-3068
Fax:        815-586-4917

Monday-Friday  7:30 am - 2:00 pm (During Student breaks and Summer, hours do vary)

When considering catering an on-campus Student Organization meeting, give Country Catering the first opportunity to cater your event.

1. Download the Catering Request form.

2. Complete the Customer Section.  Be specific with instructions.  [For example, do not assume condiments come with sandwiches and remember to indicate tableware/flatware will be needed.]

3. Fax or email the form to Country Catering for pricing information.  Country Catering will sign it and return it to you for signature by the appropriate budget officer/faculty advisor.

4. After being signed by the budget officer/faculty advisor, return the form to Country Catering. BE SURE TO SIGN OFF on your APPROVAL and INCLUDE THE PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER.  Give plenty of time for Country Catering to accept and approve the catering request.  Cancellations must be received by Country Catering at least one week prior to the event.

4a. If there is not an existing Purchase Order to cover the catering fee, request to have a requisition processed to issue the Purchase Order.  Give plenty of time for the Requisition to be processed into a PO.

5. Confirm your head count one week before the event--you will be charged for the confirmed count even if your attendance is less than expected.  If you have not already done so, notify the Facilities Office (x300) that there will be food in the room.

6. Country Catering will turn the signed form in to Accounting for payment after the event.

If Country Catering declines the order (due to size, etc.), then alternative vendors for may be sought. 

Lack of planning does not count as a legitimate reason to violate this agreement.  Therefore, each club should give the proper amount of lead time to prepare food for an event.

An Advisor must sign off on all requisitions and catering requests.

IVCC has a contract with Pepsi for all beverage choices.

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