This page has been designed to provide anyone with tutorials on how to use the various features of the assistive technology programs available at Illinois Valley Community College.

The Premier Tools Software is available on the computers in the Math Lab (B-201), The English Lab(B-201), the Writing Center, the Peer Tutoring Center, the Library, classroom computers, three computers in the Assessment Center, and on instructor computers.

Premier Tools offers programs that provide auditory input by reading  a test to you, reading your e-mail, reading scanned material, reading e-text orally, calculating math thru a talking calculator, and includes a magnification program.

• Many instructors provide tests on-line and thru Blackboard for their students.  If you need to have your test read orally to you the following Camtasia video will walk you thru the steps.
How To Read a Test 

• If Reading is not your thing, if you have your tests read orally, then you will want to take advantage of having anything on the internet read to you and also have your email read to you.  The following Camtasia video will walk you thru the steps.
How to Read the Internet and Your E-Mail