Current Students

If you have already self-identified and have received accommodations, there are just a few things to remember.

1. You must Register for classes  and apply for your Accommodations each semester. 

2. Once you have registered for classes call Theresa the Disability Services Administrative Assistant @ 815-224-0233 and request an appointment to see Tina or Judy before the semester starts or in the first few weeks of the semester to talk about the accommodations you may need.

What To Bring to your Accommodation Appointment?

1. If you received Alternative Text last Semester: Print the Alternative Text Form and fill it out with your Course name(s) and Number(s) and the details of the Book(s) you would like to have in an Alternative Text Format.

2. If you had a Note Taker last Semester: Print the Note Taker Request Form and fill it out with the classes you have registered for.  

3. If you have a medical or mental health condition and your condition or medication has changed please fill out an updated Mental Health Verification Form and/or Medical Health Verification.