Evaluating Sources Project 2010-2011 Credits

Team members

Jean Batson-Turner, Human Services
Jason Beyer, Philosophy
Mark Brown, English
Tara Coburn, English
Margie Francisco, Nursing
Courtney Klobucher, Art
Betsy Klopcic, Psychology
Adam Oldaker, English
Michelle Story, Computer
Frances Whaley, Library



Evaluating Sources Project Credits


Primary Creator/Contributor(s)

WWWs of Web Site Evaluation Mark Brown, Frances Whaley
WWWs bookmark Margie Francisco, Courtney Klobucher, Adam Oldaker
WWWs Checklist Adam Oldaker
WWWs Guide to Seeking Answers Adam Oldaker
Publishing VENN Diagram Activity Adam Oldaker
WWWs Checklist Activity Adam Oldaker
WWWs Comic Strip Activity Frances Whaley
WWWs Role Play Activity Frances Whaley
WWWs Song Activity Frances Whaley
WWWs Story Activity Frances Whaley
Source Evaluation Ryen Nagle (past IVCC English Professor), Tara Coburn, Frances Whaley


Please feel free to use and adapt our work for educational, non-commercial purposes, giving credit to Illinois Valley Community College Evaluating Sources Project Team.