Fall 2015 Seminars/Classes/Workshops


Instagram for Business         NEW!

Come learn about the popular social media app for millennials. Millennials are using Instagram and so should your business. You will learn to engage your followers and build lasting business relationship with the digital natives. Attend this workshop if you are looking to set up your first Instagram account for your business. Then learn the basic tools available inside the Instagram app. Recommended that you bring a tablet or smartphone with Instagram already downloaded.

Fri        8-10 a.m.         Sep 25 1 Session

Gina Czubachowski    C-325, IVCC  CEX-9543-09 $25

Wed    8-10 a.m.         Sep 30 1 Session

Gina Czubachowski    Rm 104,  Ottawa Center        CEX-9543-609           $25

 Intermediate Instagram for Business          NEW!

Taking photos and promoting your business can all be done using the Instagram app. Learn about the various tools within Instagram that enhance your pictures and make them more appealing to your audience. Attendees should bring tablet or smartphone with Instagram app and 6 digital photos saved on your tablet or smartphone. 

Fri        8-10 a.m.         Oct 2   1 Session

Gina Czubachowski    C-325, IVCC  CEX-9544-10 $25

Wed    8-10 a.m.         Oct 7   1 Session

Gina Czubachowski    Rm 104, Ottawa Center          CEX-9544-610           $25

Facebook for Business          NEW!

Facebook continues to be a popular social media app that people from across the world are using to connect with people and businesses. Facebook offers two types of pages on their social media app. This seminar will go through why your business needs a Facebook Business Page and then discover the types of posts that create buzz for your business. Attendees will start a Facebook Business Page and begin exploring the tools available on Facebook Business Pages.

Thu      8-10 a.m.         Oct 15 1 Session

Gina Czubachowski    C-325, IVCC  CEX-9545-10 $25



Mon     2-4 p.m.           Oct 19 1 Session

Gina Czubachowski    Rm 101,  Ottawa Center      CEX-9545-610           $25


Intermediate Facebook for Business           NEW!

This workshop is taking the next step in Facebook Pages that are available for businesses and organizations. Attendees will learn the importance of continuous and consistently reviewing your business’s Facebook Page. Discussions will revolve around promoting your Facebook Business Pages, learning about the changes happening on the Facebook app and reviewing your business page analytics.

Wed    8-10 a.m.         Oct 21 1 Session

Gina Czubachowski    C-325, IVCC  CEX-9546-10 $25

Mon     2-4 p.m.           Oct 26 1 Session

Gina Czubachowski    Rm 101,   Ottawa Center       CEX-9546-610           $25

   So You Want to Start a Business

Starting a new business is both exciting and frightening. This workshop will provide you an overview of how to write a business plan, register a business name, obtain a tax ID number, appropriate insurance, recordkeeping, legal ownership and other start-up issues.  You will gain general knowledge of what basic action need to be implemented along with your plan.

Mon     6-8 p.m.           Oct 5   1 Session

Bev Malooley  C-325, IVCC  CEX-9508-310           $25

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