Fall Classes 2014

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Starting a Business

Starting a new business is both exciting and frightening. Receive an overview of how to write a business plan, register  a business name, obtain a tax ID number, choose appropriate forms of insurance, keep records, choose a legal form of ownership and other start-up issues. This seminar is intended for those not yet in business.

Tue      6-8 p.m.           Sept 23            1 Session

Bev Malooley  C316, IVCC              CEX-9508-309       $35

Social Media for Small Business

Enhance your understanding of the internet as a critical marketing tool and learn how to maximize your business goals.  Create an internet presence that gets your business found and tools to evaluate and manage your social media platforms.

Thurs   6-8 p.m.          Oct 9              1 Session

Gina Czubachowski C-325, IVCC     CEX-9530-310           $45

Writing A Business Plan

Now that you have an idea for a business; it is time to begin putting together a business plan with financial projections.   Develop the basic foundation for organizing and writing a comprehensive business plan as well as preparing revenue and expense projections. Learn why it is an important tool for long-range planning, submitting financial proposals,

and developing strategies.

Tue      6-8 p.m.           Oct 7               1 Session

Bev Malooley  C-316, IVCC              CEX-9501-310           $35

Business Research 101

Access a wealth of free industry data, market data, and business plan resources. After attending this workshop, you may schedule an individual appointment to receive specific recommendations for books, periodicals, and databases relevant to your business.

Thurs   6-8 p.m.           Nov 6th           1 Session

Gina    Czubachowski C-325, IVCC  CEX-9536-311           $45

Great Customer Service

Learn how to find, attract and keep customers. Great customer service can set your business apart from larger competitors.

Learn what inhibits good customer service and how to prevent it, how to handle and learn from complaints, how to

transform an unhappy customer into a loyal one.

Tue      6-8 p.m.           Nov 18th         1 Session

Bev Malooley  C-316, IVCC              CEX-9518-311           $35


Watch for new information about online webinars with you having the opportunity to choose the topic you want to learn and around your schedule.

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