40 Under Forty 2015 Award

Our community be a better place to live &/or work because of our award winners.  40 Under Forty is an award that recognizes 40 individuals each year for hard work and positive contributions. Take a moment to see the individuals that have received the award during the last 5 years


40 Under Forty 

New This Year -First, we are excited in the launch of our newly created website link dedicated to the 40 Under Forty. Second, we are going to announce the 40 individuals in a new formate. We are going to unveil 10 individuals each day starting Monday October 12th thru Thursday October 15th. 


What is 40 Under Forty Award? 

This award  each year recognizes 40 young outstanding leaders and doers in our local communities. The leaders can be paid or volunteer. They can be leaders within their business or organization. We recognize many young business owners each  year. There are some rules of who can receive the award: they must work or reside in our community (IVCC district). Their is age requirements over 21 and under 40. Previous award winners are not eligible. See the rules for other additional information.

Who should you nominate? We highly recommend you start with the people within your local community that provide service (paid or unpaid) like coaches, instructors, or volunteer organizations that you see doing an outstanding job and earned this recognition. Another recommendation is to consider any business owner/professional that provides your family or household with outstanding professional service-banker, hairstylist, attorney, doctor, etc. One other important rule, The selection committee will award 40 individuals under the age of 40 (they must be at least 21 as of 7/1/15). For the complete set of rules go to www.starvedrockstartup.com/40-under-forty/


5th Anniversary in 2015 

The 40 Under Forty Award Event will celebrate 5 years of awarding the leadership award to 40 individuals each year. This award ceremony has brought together over 160 young leaders living and working within our communities. We look forward to enhancing the group through future professional development and networking opportunities.

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40 Under Forty Alumni (Classes 2011-2014) 

Biographies of the Class of 2014

Biographies of the Class 2013

Biographies of the Class 2012

Biographies of the Class 2011


If you have any questions, please contact Gina Czubachowski 815-224-0526; gina_czubachowski@ivcc.edu

40 Under Forty Alumni

     The 40 Under Forty is a diverse, highly educated group of entrepreneurs and professionals all choosing to make a commitment to the quality of life and economic development of this region and a contribution to the regions business, philanthropic, and civic landscape. Regionally, the LaSalle, Bureau, and Putnam County area is a great place to live and work because of the strong tradition of community involvement and leadership roles this young group has stepped into. 


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