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Do you plan to transfer to a 4-Year University? Attending IVCC to begin your post-secondary journey prior to transferring can offer several benefits!

IVCC strives to offer a quality education at an affordable cost when compared to both public and private institutions across the state.

Based on a student who enrolls in 15 credit hours per semester and referencing solely the base tuition rate, see how IVCC stacks up in the chart below.

Note: figures in all charts assume a Fall 2014 semester start date and that the student is an Illinois resident. All figures are rounded to nearest dollar and were collected from college and university websites and are accurate as of July 15, 2014.


The chart below depicts the amount of tuition amount students would save if they were to attend IVCC for two years prior to transferring to each of the respective universities listed. The amount saved is calculated by earning 64 credits at IVCC and the remaining credits needed to earn a Bachelor's Degree at the senior institution, which is typically 120 total credits.

Per Credit Hour Cost

The Fall 2014 base tuition rate at IVCC is $103.60 per credit hour. For a per credit hour cost comparison, see the chart below.

”I chose IVCC because I knew it would help me transition into college life and equip me with everything I would need for transfer. I could not be happier with my decision! I highly recommend getting involved while at IVCC; during my time as a student I've been a Student Ambassador, a member of the Chemistry Club leadership team, and an employee in the IVCC Bookstore.”

- Chrissie J., IVCC Class of 2014

”Choosing to attend IVCC has afforded me the opportunity to stay close to home, save money, and earn a quality education. In August, I will transfer and major in Pharmacy and I credit IVCC with helping me reach those goals. Come and join us here at IVCC and enjoy the experience!”

- Eric B., IVCC Class of 2014

”Mi experiencia en IVCC ha sido inolvidable. Primeramente, yo escogí a IVCC porque fue el único colegio que ofrecía mi carrera en horticultura y me recibí hace dos años con éxito. Hoy en día regrese a IVCC para seguir mis estudios en administración de empresas para administrar mi propio negocio algún día. Estoy muy satisfecho con el ambiente, los maestros, y los estudiantes que han tocado mi vida. En los últimos cuatro años en IVCC siento que me he preparado bien académicamente en asuntos de negocios. Mi éxito fue gracias a mi dedicación y el apoyo que recibí de IVCC. Durante mi asistencia, consulte con excelentes consejeros académicos que facilitaron el proceso de inscripción y registración para asegurar mi futuro académico. Gracias a IVCC y mi esfuerzo lograre mi meta en la primavera 2013.”

- Sal G., IVCC Class of 2013

“Yo personalmente siento que fui muy inteligente al escoger IVCC para continuar con mi educación y fue la mejor decisión que pude haber tomado. IVCC esta cerca a casa y el precio es muy razonable. Este es mi segundo año en IVCC para seguir mi carrera en justicia criminal. Yo siento que e triunfado en mis clases gracias al apoyo en IVCC. También, hay mucho en que involucrarse por que hay diferentes organizaciones de estudiantes en todo el campus. En este momento estoy involucrada en una organización IVLS, Illinois Valley Leaders for Service, como presidenta. La organización trata de inspirar y ayudar a jóvenes a continuar con su educación. Muchos dirían que es difícil encontrar amistades, pero no lo es. Al involucrarse en diferentes organizaciones de IVCC uno puede desarrollarse y preparase para un futuro exitoso.”

- Vita C., IVCC Class of 2013

Additional Ways to Save at IVCC

How Courses Transfer from IVCC

IVCC courses are designed to seamlessly transfer to most public and some private colleges and universities in Illinois, especially if earning the Associate's Degree at IVCC prior to transferring via the Illinois Articulation Initiative.

For a specific breakdown of how IVCC courses transfer see the "How Courses Transfer" page on the IVCC Transfer Services website or contact the IVCC Counseling Center at 815-224-0360.

As with transferring any credit, it is always best to double check with the receiving institution to see how they will accept transfer credit.

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