English Lab Classes

We have a selection of materials in a variety of formats for all of our courses.

Grammar, Usage and Mechanics (ENG  0901)

· Improve your skills in English grammar.
· Improve your revising and proofreading skills.
· Recognize and correct sentence fragments and run-on sentences.
· Learn to punctuate for clarity and readability.


Sentence Structure and Content (ENG  0902)

· Express your thoughts clearly through effectively constructed sentences.
· Use more effective word choices.


Paragraph Development (ENG  0904)

· Learn to gather ideas through a variety of prewriting techniques.
· Develop clear, workable topic sentences.
· Recognize and use several means of developing sound paragraphs.
· Learn to pre-plan and organize a paragraph.


Essay Writing (ENG  0905)

· Learn to narrow a topic through free-writing and to develop clear, workable thesis statements.
· Learn a variety of methods for introducing and concluding an essay.
· Learn to employ transitional devices.
· Become familiar with various modes of composition.



Transitional English For Second Language Learners (ENG  0908)

· Improve communication skills.
· Improve word analysis and vocabulary skills.
· Review grammar and sentence structure.
· Write a well-developed paragraph.
· Increase comprehension skills.
· Develop listening skills.