Required Reading Classes

Required Reading

Required Reading 0800      

Required Reading 0900                                 

Illinois Valley Community College
Jennifer Bubb
Phone: (815) 224-0277
Office: B-207
E-mail: Jennifer_Bubb@ivcc.edu

Course Objective

Required Reading 0800 is a graded course. The focus of this course is the development of reading and study skills which are basic for success in higher education. Topics covered include vocabulary development, study skills, reading comprehension, and critical reading skills. Credit in this course is not applicable to degrees or certificates.

Required Reading  0900 is a graded course.  This course is designed to enhance student knowledge of word analysis, vocalulary and comprehension skills.  It explores and practices critical reading and thinking.  This course builds on students' strengths and is for those who need greater efficiency in the reading skills necessary for academic success. Credit in this course is not applicable to degrees or certificates