Do You Qualify for Project Success?

You may be eligible to receive services from Project Success if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

First Generation College Student

You are considered "first generation" if neither of your parents (or the parent you lived with) received a four-year baccalaureate degree prior to your 18th birthday. It doesn't matter if anyone else in your family, like a brother or sister, has a four-year degree, just your parents.

Low Income Students

"Low income" status is determined by a formula set forth by the Federal Government, so you must file a financial aid application to document your financial need. If you qualify to receive federal financial aid, the chances are good that you are considered "low income." If you have special circumstances, we may be able to determine your income status by using a copy of your income tax return and through a personal interview. Please call us to set up an appointment!

Students with Disabilities

Project Success serves student with physical, learning, and other disabilities.  Documentation of your disability must be provided to us.  If you suspect you have a disability, but have no documentation, we will refer you to the Office of Disability Services where you will be provided with an evaluation and testing if appropriate.

How Do You Apply for Project Success?

That's easy! Simply complete a Project Success application form. Return your application to the Director, a Counselor, or Administrative Assistant. Applications are reviewed weekly, therefore notification of acceptance is prompt.

What does it cost to participate in Project Success?

Our services and programs are absolutely free of charge. The only costs are your time and commitment!