Mission Statements

IVCC's Core Values, Statements, Purpose, Principles and Goals

Division Course Outline will be given to you by the Division Dean.

A sample of the Course Syllabus will be given to you by the Division Dean.

What to Include in a Course Syllabus  

Academic Integrity

If a student has plagiarized or has been caught cheating, the Academic Dishonesty Report form should be completed. The form is on the Form page. The completed form should be sent to Judy Day in C-311.

Grading Tools:

Information for grading on Blackboard discussion boards:

Sample Grading for Blackboard Discussion Boards

Grading Scale for Developmental English and Reading Classes

English Grading Standards for College Level Student Essays 

Academic Calendar

Final Exam Schedule

Academic Programs by Division

First Week of the Semester

Last Week of the Semester

Faculty Webpages

Additional information is located on the Intanet - either on the left hand side menu or English, Mathematics and Education page.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Theresa 224-0233 (x 233) or Marianne 224-0433 (x 433). 


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