Copy Center Information

Note on: the line marked DIVISION on the goldenrod Copy Center form. On that line, write EMED and your department’s initials.

Example: EMED-RED  

Early Childhood –ECE

English –ENG

Honors –Honors

Math Learning Center –MLC

Reading, Writing, Study Skills Lab –RWSS

Reading- RED

Assessment Center –Assessment

Tutoring/Writing Center –Tutoring or Writing Center

Mathematics –MTH

Education –EDC

Division –DO (SFC)

**Attention Developmental Education Instructors: If you are copying for the course

you teach in the classroom, put the correct initials (e.g. ENG for ENG 0900). If you are

copying for a lab, put the appropriate lab initials (RWSS or MLC).

Faculty wishing to have materials duplicated should turn copy originals into the Mailroom or the Copy Center.

There is a 24-hour turn-around time during the regular year and a 48-hour turn-around time at the start of every semester and during exam periods.

Conditions of Originals

  • Originals should be white and in good condition.
  • Originals with more than one page must be numbered to enable proper placement of the copies made.

Where to pick up finished copies

  • Larger jobs can be picked up in the teacher's room (next to the Copy Center). To acquire access to the teacher's room please contact x 313.

** The form that you will need to submit material to be copied is located in the Copy Center B-112.

If you have any question, please give me a call x 233.