Final Grade Submission:

Grades must be enterd through WebAdvisor.  The form looks the same as the midterm, but is filled out differently.

Grading Reminder:

For grades of F or I, a last date of attendance is required. If a student has never attended, use the day before the term began.

The Records Office needs a hard copy of what you use as a gradebook.

Please be aware of the deadlines-this is extremely important so that we can process end-of-semester report cards, transcripts, and graduation.

WebAdvisor shuts down every night at 11:30 p.m. and usually re-opens at 7:00 a.m. Plan accordingly!

If you notice a student is on the Grade Roster, who has not attended or if there are any students who have withdrawn, you will need to submit a withdrawal slip prior to submitting their grades. The system does not allow us to complete the procedure until the instructor has processed withdrawals.

  • Incompletes: Incomplete is a temporary grade assigned when illness, unavoidable absence, or other reasons satisfactory to the instructor prevent completion of the course requirements by the end of the semester. A grade of "I" must be removed as designated by the instructor, but not later than the last class day of the semester following the issuance of the incomplete. If the "Incomplete" is not made up by the last class day of the semester following the issuance of the "Incomplete", the grade will revert to an "F." Summer session will not be considered a semester for this policy.

Electronic Grade Change form can be found on the Intranet.  This should be completed after an Incomplete or an instructor' error. (Located on the left hand side menu.)