Pay: Make sure all paperwork in the Part time Faculty packet is completed. See Pay Sheet schedule to see when the checks will be issued.

Mailbox assignment: Theresa will get you a mailbox with your combination. Mailboxes are located in the Shipping and Receiving area C-118.

Email address: An IVCC email will be assigned. 

Parking Pass: Your vehicle must be registered with Campus Security and a parking pass will be issued to you.

Your Photo ID card (Identification Card) will be issued by the Business Office and used to access all the doors. Your Photo ID card (Identification Card) will be used make copies in the copy center (or other copy machines located throughout the campus), but must first be encoded by Sandy Kosciewicz, Copy Center Coordinator. Identification Card Instructions 

Network Login:  Users of computers at IVCC are assigned network logins.  A representative from ITS will contact the appropriate supervisor to initiate access upon receiving a hiring notification from HR.   The ITS Department will then create a login for the user. All employees who have an active network username and password have the ability to access their Home drive off campus. Full instructions are available on the MyIVCCpage.

WebAdvisor: At your training you will be taught how to use WebAdvisor. After that, you will have your user ID and password that you will use to log in each time.  You will use WebAdvisor to have access to your class schedule, check enrollments, class rosters, 10th day verifications, midterm verifications, withdrawals and grading.

Blackboard: Employees wishing to have a Blackboard account for classes must complete the following process, and must have a current IVCC web page.  Individuals can begin Blackboard training before having a web page, but will not be granted a course shell until the web page training is completed. Typically employees will attend a 90 minute, introductory workshop, after which the remainder of the activities can be completed independently.  The remaining activities can be completed in 10 or more hours, depending on the skill-level of the individual. Faculty are encouraged to treat their test account as an actual course in development.  Contents of the test account can later be copied into a live course shell.The employee will work with an educational technologist to complete the Blackboard Checklist.

Webpage: If you wish to create a webpage contact with an educational technologist or other Learning Technologies staff to complete the Web Author Readiness Checklist.

Copy Center is located in Room B-112. If you have any problems, please ask Sandy Kosciewicz, Copy Center Coordinator, who is available from 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. for assistance. The copy machine is available whenever the college is open.

Registration: Students are required to register prior to the first class meeting.

You Will Need to Know  page may also answer some of your questions.