Identification Card Directions

To open doors:

To operate the card reader just walk up to the door that you wish to open, take your card and just put close to the card reader.   The light should change from amber to green.  The door should be open.  After you are done with your class, just close the door, and swipe the card by the door reader.  Wait 4 to 5 seconds after the light changes from amber to green and check the door.  It should be locked.

  • Card reader is very sensitive to reading your card.  Some men, keep it in their wallets and just walk up to the door and it reads their card.  Some women do the same thing with their purse and it does the same thing.

If you should ever have the door not work, check the light.  If the card reader has a red light, there is something wrong with the reader.  Please give safety services a call at x 314 and we will take care of the problem.  Please do not call Physical Plant.

To make copies:

Your card reader will need to be encoded in order to make copies by Sandy Kosciewski in the Copy Center in B-112. More information regarding marking copies is located on the  First Week  page.