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This category includes a combination of various questions that might be of concern to parents--but don't fit into any other category.

What are some options for transportation?

Transportation is needed to attend courses on IVCC’s campus.  Should a student not have access to a vehicle, consider the following options ….

  • Car-Pooling.  Ride with a friend!  Talk with your classmates and arrange a car pooling system!
  • Taxi Cab Service.  Available in the LaSalle-Peru area.
  • BPART. Bureau and Putnam Area Rural Transit.

Take an extension course at one of our high school extension sites.


What food options are available on campus?

Country Catering is the on-campus vendor serving a variety of food options. Vending machines are also be available to purchase food and beverages.

Microwaves are also available for use free of charge.


Are there support services available for students with disabilities?

Yes. IVCC is committed to responding to the needs of students with cognitive, physical, and psychiatric disabilities as outlined in both the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. If you have questions regarding services available, please contact the Disability Services Office at (815) 224-0284 or visit their webpage.

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