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graduatesLast but not least, this section focuses on graduation related issues.

How many hours does it take to graduate?

A minimum of 64 credit hours is required to graduate from IVCC.  Please refer to the college catalog for specific requirements for individual degrees.


What GPA is needed to graduate?

A 2.0 GPA is needed to graduate from IVCC.


How does my child apply for graduation?

Students must file the intent to graduate form either during or prior to the semester in which graduation requirements will be fulfilled. The deadlines for filing the intent to graduate form are as follows:

Summer Graduation (August) - July 1

Fall Graduation (December) - October 1

Spring Graduation (May)  -  February 15

A student must file for graduation with Admissions and Records in order to receive the certificate or degree.  The certificate and degree will then be posted to the students' academic transcript.


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