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Counseling and Support

These questions are designed to help parents and students learn and be aware of some of the support services offered across campus.

Should my child meet with a counselor?

All first-time, full-time students are REQUIRED to meet with a counselor before registering. After that semester, students are strongly encouraged to meet with a counselor each semester to insure that the student is on-track toward his academic goals. 

Students may be required to see a counselor for specific situations such as meeting pre-requisites, financial aid appeals, or academic caution appeal.


When should my child meet with a counselor?

To be prepared for registration, students should make an appointment to meet with a counselor a month or two prior to registration.  For example, if Spring Registration begins Nov. 1st--students should ideally see a counselor during the month of September or October. An appointment must be made in advance by calling (815) 224-0360.

The later a student meets with a counselor, the more classes will be filled and scheduling may become more difficult.


How often should my child meet with a counselor?

All first-time, full-time students are REQUIRED to meet with a counselor before registering. After that semester, students are "strongly encouraged" to meet with a counselor each semester to ensure that the student is on-track towards his academic goals.


Does my child have to see a specific counselor?

Students are able to choose which counselor they see. If they prefer to see a specific counselor, they can request an appointment with that counselor when making an appointment.


Can my child see a counselor at any time?

Students are able to see a counselor regarding personal issues at any time without making an appointment. Our Personal Counseling Assistance Program (P-CAP) is available free of charge for student. Click on the above link to learn more.

During the majority of the school year, students need to make appointments to go over degree requirements and to set up schedules. During the prime times of August and December, students will only be served on a walk-in basis during the day. Students MUST have an appointment to see a counselor in the evenings--NO walk-ins are taken after 4 p.m.


How safe is your campus?

**Note: This is an important question to ask at bigger schools!!

IVCC's campus is very safe. If a student ever feels even a bit insecure about walking to his/her car at night (or at other times), he/she should ask a Safety Services staff member for an escort. The lots are well lit late into the evenings. Safety services has staff on duty at all times. Safety Services is located in the lower level of C-Building in Room C103. If a student can not locate a safety services person, he/she can ask the Switchboard operator for assistance.


Is tutoring available to my student?

The college has a Peer Tutoring Center that is a learning assistance program that helps students meet their goals.  The center offers tutoring at no extra cost to IVCC students.  Peer tutors provide individual and small group academic support when students need extra help to understand daily assignments, review course material, and develop effective study skills for a course.

The center attempts to provide supplemental learning assistance in any content area so that a student may achieve his or her academic goals.

Online tutoring is also available through CLASSMATE, the Web tutor.  This free service offers live tutors and tutor e-mail 24 hours a day.  While CLASSMATE is especially appropriate for students taking online or distance learning classes, any student is welcome.  Contact the Peer Tutoring Center for information on how to access CLASSMATE.

The Peer Tutoring Center is located in D-201. The phone number is (815) 224-0479. Information is also available on their website.


How do we know which classes transfer?

Course numbers that have a second digit of “0” are designed to transfer to 4-year universities.  For example, ENG 1001, is a transfer course.

If a student has declared a major or has decided which school he/she plans to transfer to after IVCC, he/she must convey that information to an IVCC counselor to ensure proper assignment and transferability of classes.

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