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These questions focus on academic questions and concerns that parents and students may have.

Can I access my child's grades?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 insures confidentiality for the student's academic record. Therefore, grades and other information are not able to be released to parents without the student's written consent. For further inquiries into this policy, contact the Office of Admissions and Records at (815) 224-0446.


When do grades come out? How do they come out?

Grades are available for viewing through WebAdvisor after completion of the grading process.  Normally this proccess is complete the day after final grades are due.

Report cards are not automatically mailed to students.  If a student would like to request a mailed report card, he or she can fill out a Report Card Request form available in the Admissions & Records Office.

Grades cannot be released over the telephone.


What if my child needs to get out of a class well into the semester?

After the period for dropping classes has passed (usually the 10th day of the semester or pro-rated for shorter terms), students wanting to withdraw from a class can withdraw through WebAdvisor, complete a withdrawal request form in the Records Office, or request their instructor to submit a withdrawal. It is very important for the student to follow up to be sure the class was removed from their schedule--by printing up a new schedule in the lobby area or by checking with the teacher. 

There is a last date for withdrawals that is published (usually around the 12th week of the semester). It is the student's responsibility to know the withdrawal dates.

If a student wants to withdraw from all classes, he/she does not need to contact each instructor, but can contact the Director of Admissions and Records at 815-224-0437. For more detailed information on the withdrawal policy, visit IVCC's withdrawal webpage.

Please note: There are no refunds issued if a student withdraws from a course.


Is there an attendance policy?

Students are expected to attend all classes regularly. If absence from a class is unavoidable, it is the student's responsibility to explain the absence to his instructors and arrange to complete any work missed. 

Each instructor has his/her own specific attendance policy which is outlined in the syllabus. It is again the student's responsibility to know the instructor's policy! If an instructor feels the number of accumulated absences is interfering with the student's progress and ability to successfully complete the course, the student may be withdrawn from the course without notice.


Are there computer labs available?

The Learning Commons is the ONLY open lab available to students all the time. This lab is open at all times when the college is open, and students are encouraged to use it. 

For information, call (815) 224-0318 or visit the Student Help Desk webpage.


Is tutoring available?

The college has a Peer Tutoring Center located in the Learning Commons that is a learning assistance program to help students meet their goals.  The center offers tutoring at no extra cost to IVCC students.  Peer tutors provide individual and small group academic support when students need extra help to understand daily assignments, review course material, and develop effective study skills for a course.

The center attempts to provide supplemental learning assistance in any content area so that a student may achieve his or her academic goals.

Online tutoring is also available through CLASSMATE, the Web tutor.  This free service offers live tutors and tutor e-mail 24 hours a day.  While CLASSMATE is especially appropriate for students taking online or distance learning classes, any student is welcome.  Contact the Peer Tutoring Center for information on how to access CLASSMATE.

The Peer Tutoring Center is located in D-201 and can be reached by phone at (815) 224-0479. Information can also be found on the Peer Tutoring webpage.


Where would my child go if he/she needs help with a class?

If your child is having difficulty with a class he/she should first speak with the instructor of the class.  The instructor may give assistance and offer suggestions as to how to improve the situation.  The instructor may also refer you to the Peer Tutoring Center.

A student can also see a counselor, who will be able to provide other options for academic assistance.

How do we know which classes transfer?

Course numbers that have a second digit of “0” are designed to transfer to 4-year universities.  For example, ENG 1001, is a transfer course.

If a student has declared a major or has decided which school he/she plans to transfer to after IVCC, he/she must convey that information to an IVCC counselor to ensure proper assignment and transferability of classes.


What does "general education" mean?

General Education courses are those general courses that every Bachelor Degree seeking student must complete regardless of the degree one is seeking.

Please visit the IVCC counseling webpage to learn more about General Education coures and how they transfer to specific colleges and universities.


What is a college credit hour?

Each course at IVCC is offered for a certain number of credit hours.  The exact number of hours is determined by the number of lecture, laboratory, seminar or field experience hours necessary to complete a class.

A credit hour reflects the number of hours per week one is in class.  In general, one hour of lecture per week equates to one credit hour.  Two hours of lab time is equivalent to one credit hour.

For example, one “3 credit hour” class meets three times a week for 50 minutes OR two times a week for a 75 minute period OR one time a week for 3 hours (such as an evening class).


How many hours should a student study per credit hour enrollment?

It is recommended that for every hour a student is in class, they study 2 hours outside of the class.  For example, if your child is enrolled in a 3 credit hour class, they should spend 6 hours per week studying and preparing for that class.


What is full time? What is part time?

To be considered a full-time student, one must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours. Anything less than 12 credit hours is considered part-time.


Are there support services available for students with disabilities?

Yes. IVCC is committed to responding to the needs of students with cognitive, physical, and psychiatric disabilities as outlined in both the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. If you have questions regarding services available, please contact the Disability Services Office at (815) 224-0284. Information is also available on the Disability Services webpage.

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