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Parent PAC--Parent Information Site


Welcome parents of prospective IVCC students.  The IVCC staff and faculty want to make your student's experience at IVCC a positive, successful and memorable one. We understand the questions that arise and the uncertainty that comes with sending your child to college.  Keeping this in mind, we at IVCC want to ensure your child gets started on the right track and eases into college life at IVCC. family1

This website was designed with you, the parent, in mind. Please use it as a resource for information, to help answer your questions and to guide your child through their career at IVCC. We hope you find this website helpful.

IVCC welcomes parent feedback of this site if areas are missed or how we could expand to be even more helpful. Please email ideas or suggestions to Mark Grzybowski, IVCC Director of Admissions & Records.

Good luck to you and your child!


Getting My Son/Daughter Started 

These questions are designed to help parents and students navigate through the process for preparing for the first semester of college. Topics include admission, financial aid, placement, registration, and other issues.

Saving for College

This link from Forbes Magazine is designed to help you develop an estimation of the future cost of your child's education based on some simple economic assumptions.  Simply download the Education Savings Plan app, enter pertinent information, and watch the calculations populate!

Costs and Financial Issues

These questions are designed to help parents and students navigate through the financial aid process, as well as to provide information about refunds, costs, and payment deadlines.

Counseling and Support

These questions are designed to help parents and students know about some of the support services throughout the campus.

Courses and Information

These questions focus on academic questions and concerns that parents and students may have.


This category includes a combination of various questions that might be of concern to parents--but don't fit into any other category.

Graduation Requirements

Last but not least, this section focuses on graduation related issues.