Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements

For Associate Degree Nursing

Students who have completed the prescribed required courses, achieved the required grade point average, and displayed nursing competence will receive a diploma from Illinois Valley Community College.  A diagnostic readiness test is required prior to application for NCLEX-RN (HESI RN Exit Exam).  This will be taken during the last eight weeks of the program. If a student receives a score below 850 on the HESI RN Exit Exam his/her name will not be released to register for the NCLEX exam until prescribed remediation is complete and the student has retaken the HESI RN Exit Exam (at the expense of the student).

Students will not be allowed to graduate until the graduation application is completed and all outstanding debts to the College have been removed.  It is each student's responsibility to see that all course requirements for the nursing curriculum are met prior to the date of graduation.

Students meeting the requirements of the Associate Degree Nursing Program are encouraged to participate in the graduation exercises.  Upon graduation, the student will become eligible to file an application to write NCLEX-RN for licensure either in Illinois or in the state in which he/she expects to practice. The requirements for licensure in the state of Illinois are regulated by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.  The national exam for licensure is directed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN).

A criminal background check with verification of fingerprinting must be completed prior to application for NCLEX Testing. This is the student’s financial responsibility.