Application Process

Application process


The IVCC Counseling staff strongly recommends that students interested in Nursing see a Counselor each semester to plan course work and admission to the program.  We also strongly recommend attending a Nursing Information Session prior to starting coursework at IVCC. Session dates may be found on the following website: www.ivcc.edu/admissions/aspx?id=1960.


PLACEMENT TESTING - is to be completed no later than the Spring semester prior to taking the first NUR course.    

        ENG 0900 (or equivalency if required)                       MTH 0900 (or equivalency if required)                                  RED 1008

Used for calculation in the admission formula

RN & LPN                              

BIO1007 (summer & fall only)

BIO1008 (spring only) 




Additional recommended General Education course work (required to earn the degree/certificate)

RN                                                                         LPN                            

ENG1001                                                             ENG1001

ENG1002                                                             ALH1202 (Recommended, not required)

ALH1202 (Recommended, not required)                PSY1000 




SFC 1000 (Strategies for College)                        ____ Recommended completion of SFC 1000 with a grade of “C” or better


(CNA) CERTIFIED NURSES AIDE (Reading Placement Required to Enroll in CNA at IVCC.  See section 1.3E for more information).

        CNA completion is required for admission to the LPN and RN/ADN program and is to be completed no later than the

         Spring Semester prior to taking the first NUR course.      

        CNA must be earned within the last 3 years or 1020 hours worked as a CNA in the last 3 years.

        The CNA course number is ALH 1214, it is 8 credit hours and costs approximately $918.00 (in 2013) plus textbooks.

        The CNA course is offered twice a semester in an 8 week format. Day and evening classes are available. 

        It is also offered in the summer.


LETTER OF INTENT (Applying to the Program - 2014)

  ____ Complete the letter of intent form in Admissions between Nov. 15 – Feb. 18 (Fall 2014 Admission). Students can apply for both programs.

____ Students must provide proof of residency at the time of submitting the Letter of Intent.

        The acceptance, standby, or denial letter will be mailed to the applicant in May.



____ Students are required to pay for the test at the IVCC Cashier Office when Letter of Intent is submitted.

____ All students must take the selected pre-nursing assessment in April.

____ Students are only allowed one attempt for this test. These scores are valid for one year/admission cycle.

*Students are encouraged to use the nursing calculator at www.ivcc.edu/nursingcalculator to assist in estimating admission scores.






1.1  High School, GED, and College Documentation

1.1A    Students must be a High School graduate or have GED certificate.  High School and GED transcripts must be official (no photo copies) and must be submitted prior to review of application according to the stated deadlines.

1.1B     Transcripts from all colleges/universities attended must be provided regardless of courses taken. Failure to submit all transcripts will result in denial to the program.


1.2  Core Classes, Time Limitations and Minimum Grade Requirements

1.2A     All Pre Nursing and Nursing classes must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.

1.2B     Grade points and completion points will be calculated for any of the core classes (BIO 1007, BIO 1008, BIO 1009, ALH 1002 and ALH 1000) that are completed at the time of evaluation.

1.2C     BIO 1007, BIO 1008, BIO 1009, ALH 1002, and ALH 1000 must have been completed during the Spring 2007 semester or after (seven years from the time of evaluation for Fall 2014 admission). 

1.2D    Grade points or completion points for the formula will not be calculated for any core courses (BIO1007, BIO1008, BIO1009, ALH1002 and ALH1000) completed before Spring 2007 (seven years from the time of evaluation for Fall 2014 admission),regardless of the grade. Students are required to repeat the course for credit.  The courses must be repeated by the semester listed in the nursing program outline/guide sheet.

1.2E      If a student repeats a core course, the highest grade earned in the last seven years (no earlier than Spring 2007) will be used in calculating grade points and completion points for the formula.

1.2F     Students will not be allowed to audit any pre-nursing or nursing courses.  If courses are more than seven years old at the time of evaluation, they must be taken for credit.

1.2G     LPN core courses are the same as the RN/ADN core courses.


1.3  Certification as a Nurse Assistant 

1.3A    Students must present proof of current certification as a nurse aide in Illinois or any state that reciprocates with Illinois.

1.3B     CNA certification must be less than 3 years old at the time of evaluation. If a student applies for Fall 2014 admission, their certification must have been earned in May 2011 or later.

1.3C     If a student’s CNA certification was earned more than three years before the time of evaluation, proof of hours worked (1020 hours minimum in the last three years) must be provided to the Admissions Office from the employer (s).  These hours must verify performance of 21 basic CNA skills.  In situations where 21 basic CNA skills are not evident, a job description or further documentation may be required.

1.3D    Students may be conditionally accepted into the Nursing Program if they are enrolled in a CNA Program, which will be completed by the end of the Spring semester immediately preceding the Fall semester of entry into nursing.  (For example, if you have been accepted into the Nursing program for Fall 2014 you must complete a CNA training program by the end of the Spring 2014 semester). Students must also pass the CNA state exam and provide proof they are active on the CNA registry by June of the year they are admitted to the program.

1.3E     Effective Fall of 2014, Reading placement is required to enroll in IVCC’s ALH1214 (Certified Nursing Assistant). An ACT Reading sub score of 18 or higher will waive this requirement.

1.3F     If a student is not active on the CNA registry or enrolled in an IVCC’s ALH1214 or ALH1215 at the time of application, a written explanation must be provided to the Admissions Office by May 1, 2014. This documentation must indicate how the student is pursuing their CNA certification (through another college or an alternate method). Failure to provide proof by the deadline will result in denial to the program.

1.4  SFC 1000 Strategies for College

1.4A    SFC 1000, Strategies for College, is strongly recommended for admission to the RN/ADN & LPN Nursing Programs.


1.5  Placement Testing and Remediation

1.5A    Students planning to enter the nursing program must take the required college placement tests in Reading, English and Mathematics.  Transfer students presenting acceptable evidence of prior testing or completion of acceptable course work at another college or university may not be required to take placement tests.

1.5B     Placement tests must be completed by the end of the spring term (May 15th, 2014 for Fall 2014 admission) preceding admission to the program.

1.5C     Any developmental English, Reading or Mathematics course required must be completed by the end of the spring semester preceding admission to the program.  (EX:  If you apply for the Fall 2014 nursing program, you will be evaluated in May of 2014.  All remediation must be successfully completed by May 2014).  Students needing remediation in Mathematics must successfully complete or test out of MTH 0900.  Students must also complete or test out of nENG 0900 and RED 1008.

1.5D    If the student has completed ENG1001 (English Composition I) at IVCC or an equivalent course at another regionally accredited institution with a grade of  “C” or better, the English and Reading requirement will be considered met. The student will not have to take IVCC’s Reading placement exam, complete any Reading remediation, or RED1008.


1.6  Pre-nursing assessment

1.6A    As part of the admissions process, students will be required to take a pre-nursing assessment. Students are required to take this assessment in April 2014.

1.6B     Information for this testing will be provided to the student when they file the Letter of Intent.

1.6C     Students are responsible for paying for this pre-nursing assessment. A receipt for payment must be presented when submitting the Letter of Intent.

1.6D    Students are allowed one opportunity to take the test per year. The scores are valid for one year/admission cycle.

1.6E     If a student is not admitted to the nursing program the year they complete the pre-nursing assessment, they must pay for and repeat the assessment exam each year they apply to the program.



1.7  Selection Formula

1.7A    Admission is competitive and selective. 

1.7B     Applicants meeting admission requirements are ranked according to point totals, highest to lowest, utilizing an objective formula approved by the Nursing Department. The formula is explained in the Admissions Packet and at the Nursing Information Sessions. More information can be found at: http://www.ivcc.edu/admissions.aspx?id=1960.

1.7C     A predetermined number of students will be admitted into the RN/ADN and LPN programs based on the formula scores. Students not accepted for admission will be maintained on a stand-by list.

1.7D    Stand-by lists do not carry over from year-to-year; applicants not able to be admitted in a given year must re-apply for the following year, and must compete with all the other applicants for admission that year. 



1.8  Residency

1.8A    Preference is given to those applicants who are legal residents of IVCC district #513.  Residency is defined as living in Illinois Valley Community College School District for 30 days prior to submitting your Letter of Intent. Proof of residency must be provided at the time of filing the Letter of Intent. The student’s current address must be listed on proof of residency.

1.8B     Students should be able to provide one or more of the following as proof of residency:

  • Voter registration in District 513
  • Evidence of tax, utility or rent receipts in District 513
  • Driver's license and/or vehicle registration showing an address in District 513
  • Other documents which can help verify residency in District 513

A student who resides with his or her parents or guardian in Community College District 513 is a resident student.

1.8C     IVCC currently has dual admissions agreements with Illinois Central College and Sauk Valley Community College for students attending or paying taxes to Midland School District, Fieldcrest School District, Henry-Senachwine School District, and Bureau Valley School District.  This agreement allows students to attend either Community College at in-district tuition rates.  Students will be coded as out-of-district and may be asked to prove residency with the Cashier to receive the in-district rate.

Important note:  This does not imply residency for the purpose of admissions into limited admissions programs such as nursing.  Students who reside out of the district and within these dual admissions areas are still considered out-of-district for the nursing program and will be admitted only after all qualified in-district applicants have been admitted.

1.8D    If student works in-district full time (30 hours or more per week), they will be considered district residents. Students must provide written documentation from their employer and must maintain this employment until the beginning of the nursing program.

1.8E     Students are required to maintain residency throughout the program. In situations where the Nursing Department or Admissions Office has reason to believe that a person has moved out of the district or falsified residency, enrollment in the nursing program may be subject to review and result in possible dismissal from the program.

1.8F     In such instances, non-residents will be considered for admission only after all qualified and eligible district residents have been offered admission.  This will apply in all cases of non-residents, regardless of qualifications or ranking.


2.1  Letter of Intent

2.1A    New students, those who have never before attended IVCC, must file the New Student Enrollment Form (Application For Admission) and Letter of Intent. All applicants must file the Letter of Intent in the Admissions Office between November 15, 2013 – February 18, 2014  (Fall 2014 Admission) prior to the fall semester they expect to enroll in the first Nursing course.

2.1B     Letter of Intent Forms are date-stamped as received in the Admissions Office.  The date a student’s Letter of Intent is submitted is one factor that may be used to determine admission if a tie should occur among two or more students in the admission scoring.

2.1C     No Letter of Intent Form will be accepted outside of the parameters specified in 2.1A.

2.1D    A Letter of Intent can be submitted for the RN/ADN program or the LPN program or both.  Students must indicate their preference on the Letter of Intent.

2.1E     If the applicant applies for both the RN and the LPN program he/she may meet the minimum qualifications for both programs. If the applicant is admitted, based on their score, to the program that is not their preference, their name will be added to the standby list for their preferred program. The applicant can accept their position in the non-preferred program and decline that position later if they are admitted to their preferred program.

If an applicant meets the minimum qualifications for both programs and they are admitted to the program that is their preference, their name will be removed from the standby list for the non-preferred program and will no longer be considered for admission to that program.

If an applicant is admitted to both the RN and LPN program, they will be automatically admitted to their preferred program and their name will be removed from the non-preferred program.


2.2  Pre-Evaluation Notification

2.2A    After February 15th, 2014, status letters will be sent to all applicants advising them as to what materials (if any) are needed to complete the admission file.

2.2B     Applicants will be given until March 17, 2014 to submit all required materials.

2.2C     Required materials include:

  • New Student Enrollment Form
  • Letter of Intent
  • High School Transcript for High School graduates (official)*
  • GED Score Report for GED certificate holders (official)*
  • Transcripts from all colleges attended (official)*
  • Indication of courses in progress (high school seniors)
  • Proof of CNA Certification (current CNA students must provide proof of enrollment. In-progress CNA course must be completed by the end of the Spring Semester, immediately preceding the Fall Semester for which you are applying for admission).

     *no faxes or photocopies will be accepted


2.3  Notification of Admission Status

2.3A    Students will be notified by the end of May of their status based on the admissions formula.

2.3B     Upon notification of admission to the program, students are required to respond to the Admissions Office to formally accept their position in the program within the required timeframe.

2.3C     Students are required to meet with a counselor at the point of admission to determine any coursework that will need to be completed to earn the RN/ADN degree or the LPN certificate. Failure to do so may result in a delay of graduation and certification testing.


 Nursing Admission Formula  

A nursing calculator has been developed to assist students and counselors with calculating a potential score. Please utilize www.ivcc.edu/nursingcalculator for assistance.


a) Weighted Scores on a Pre-Nursing Assessment                                                        24 points

Current topics: Grammar, Anatomy, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, & Mathematics                    


b) Core Course Grade Points                                                                                                28.8 points

The Grade points for the following courses which are completed by the time of admission:         

 BIO 1007, BIO 1008, BIO 1009, ALH 1000, ALH 1002 **within 7 years                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

c) Completion points

4 points per class completed by the time of admission                                             20 points                   

BIO 1007, BIO 1008, BIO 1009, ALH 1000, ALH 1002 **within 7 years     

                       Maximum Total                                                                            72.8 points



Other Requirements:                                   

  • Students must provide the Admissions Office with the required documentation as per section 2.1C in the Nursing Handbook.
  • Students must test out of or complete MTH 0900, ENG 0900 and RED 1008 by the end of the spring semester preceding admission to the program.
  • Students must have CNA licensure prior to enrollment in nursing courses. CNA courses must be completed by the end of the spring semester preceding admission to the program as per section 1.4 in the Nursing Handbook.
  • Students will indicate preference for RN/ADN or LPN on the Letter of Intent.  Students will be allowed to apply for both programs. Please refer to section 2.0E in the nursing handbook for more details.
  • All students must provide proof of residency at the point of application. The student’s current address must be listed on proof of residency.
  • Effective Fall 2013 admission, LPN and RN/ADN will have same entrance requirements and core courses.
  • Be advised that pre-nursing courses do fill quickly and it is advised to meet with a counselor early.                          

**For information on the implementation timeline and other key information, please utilize the Nursing Handbook or visit http://www.ivcc.edu/admissions/nursing