Clinical Partnerships

The Illinois Valley Community Nursing Program has affiliation agreements for clinical rotations in acute and long-term care, clinics and other healthcare agencies in the following locations:

  1. Mendota
  2. Ottawa
  3. Peru
  4. Princeton
  5. Spring Valley
  6. Streator
  7. Surrounding communities


On campus Simulation Labs are used as an additional educational experience


Clinical Requirements


Requirements to participate in the clinical experience component of the nursing program are:

1. Documentation of an initial two step T.B. skin test, followed by annual 1-step T.B. skin test. If you have had a positive skin test in the past, a copy of a recent negative chest X-ray and verification from a physician or nurse practitioner that there is no active disease present is required.  

2. MMR:  Two doses of MMR given at least 1 month apart or: Measles, Mumps and Rubella titers indicating immunity

3. A positive Varicella titer or two doses of the Varicella vaccine given at least one month apart


5. Hepatitis B series of three vaccinations are required or the student must submit proof of immunity through a titer.

6. Seasonal Influenza injection will be required of all students – timeline will be announced

7. A complete physical exam documented on a IVCC form is required upon admission to the nursing program. If the ADN Program is not completed within 2 years from admission, a new physical exam is needed upon readmission.  All restrictions and/or limitations must be noted on the physical form.  You are to make a copy of your completed physical and immunization form prior to bringing it to the Division Office.

In addition:
a. If you have been out of the nursing program for one semester or longer, you will be     required to obtain a physical exam prior to returning to the nursing program.
b. If your physical health status changes, you will be required to obtain a physical exam.
c. The IVCC nursing faculty reserves the right to ask you to repeat a physical if a health issue     arises.

8. The IVCC Nursing programs must adhere to health requirements of the contracted clinical agencies.

CPR- No online classes will be accepted.  

  • American Heart Association – Course title: “Health Care Provider”
  • American Red Cross – Course title: “CPR for the Professional Rescuer”


Drug Screening Requirements


Because of the responsible relationship between students and patients, in which the safety of the patient is greatly influenced by the cognition and behavior of the student, it is the policy of Illinois Valley Nursing Programs to require that all students be free of alcohol and drugs.  To assist in this, urine drug screens will be required of all students entering the Nursing Program or returning after a minimum of one year of absentness from the nursing program.  ALL currently enrolled nursing students will be required to pass the drug screening test. 


Student Criminal Background Check



  • To obtain criminal history record information on unlicensed student entering the nursing program.
  • To review and act on issues related to positive criminal background checks of the students who are enrolled in the nursing program.
  • To be in compliance with clinical agencies’ requirements



Illinois Valley Community College is committed to providing a safe environment for students, patients cared for by students, and employees of the college.  Therefore, IVCC nursing program shall conduct criminal background checks using the social security number on all unlicensed students who are enrolled in the nursing program.  The criminal background check will be conducted through Certified Background Check, a company selected by IVCC, and is paid for by the student.  Students who receive a positive background check will be required to present a disposition of the case.  If the student was convicted of a crime, the student will be reviewed by the DON of the nursing program. If the background check reveals a conviction, the student may be disqualified from attending the Nursing program at IVCC.


Please see IVCC Nursing Handbook to review additional information regarding procedure, confidentiality, and positive results related to criminal background and drug screening.