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  • No formal classroom instruction is conducted in the MLC.  You work individually and get spot help as needed from the teachers and student assistants who are on duty. During the first day in class you will receive an assignment sheet that contains a detailed schedule of daily assignments, hand-in assignments, and a test schedule. Assignment sheets are also accessible on the MLC website under the “course descriptions” link.
  • We have found that if you get behind schedule you will either have to withdraw or you will fail the course.  Periodic progress checks will be made as indicated on your assignment sheet, so -- don't fall behind.  If you complete all course requirements early, we will excuse you from class for the remainder of the semester.
  • You are responsible for your own work. If you are caught cheating, you will receive a grade of 0 for that assignment and an incident report will be sent to Academic Affairs to be put into your file.


1.  To be successful:
      a) Study the assigned material carefully.

b) Work through each step of every example.

c) Be sure to learn the meanings of vocabulary words and formulas.

d) Keep a notebook with vocabulary words, procedures, and examples.

e) Work the assignments as given on your course outline in a notebook.  Use the back of your book to check your answers. Use pencil.

f) Ask for help when you get stuck.

2.  Do not expect to do all of your studying during regular class time.  Outside study (a minimum of 4 hours per week) will be necessary to enable you to stay on schedule.  Much of your class time is needed for asking questions, getting help and taking quizzes or tests.

3.  You are required to attend at the time you are scheduled.

4.  Peer tutoring is available if needed.  If interested, see an instructor and contact Betsy Sobin in Learning Commons, CRC-D or call (815)224-0479. Assistance in peer tutoring needs to be scheduled outside your regular class time.  

5.  You may be eligible for academic accommodations if you have a documented physical, psychiatric (anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, AD/HD, post-tramatic stress, or others) or cognitive disability such as a learning disability. If you have a disability and need more information regarding possible accommodations, please contact Tina Hardy at (tina_hardy@ivcc.edu, 224-0284) or stop by office C-211.

6.   Please be considerate of other students and turn off your cell phone.

    1.  Grades are computed as follows:        91 - 100%  A;     82 - 90.9  B;      74.5 -81.9  C;      64.5 - 74.4  D                                                                             


1.  Attendance is required at your scheduled time. You must use your student ID to check in and check out at the “Attendance Station” by the instructor's desk. 

2.  IVCC attendance policy - (as set forth in the current IVCC catalog) says "Students are expected to attend all classes regularly.  If absence is unavoidable, it is the student's responsibility to explain the absence to his instructor and arrange to complete any work missed."  Please call 224-0497 or email us at mlc@ivcc.edu if you are absent.

3.   Students who wish to withdraw should initiate their own withdrawals before the last day for student withdrawals. Students should make no assumptions about withdrawals but should check with an instructor concerning their class status. The information will be posted in the MLC.

4.  Attendance and progress will be evaluated periodically. At midterm, October 12, and at the last day for student withdrawal, November 7 , students who are behind in their assignments and have attended fewer than 80% of their classes will be dropped from the class unless a formal request to remain in the class is made.

5.  End of semester deadlines will be posted in the Math Learning Center. Students with poor attendance who are behind schedule may not be allowed to continue in the course after the 14th week.


6.   Students who cannot complete ALL course requirements before the end of the semester should withdraw before the final date for student withdrawal occurs. NOTE WELL!  Students not withdrawn who do not complete the course will receive a grade of F. A grade of incomplete may be given to students who have good attendance (as described in item 4 above) and have all but one test finished. If you cannot make up your mind on this issue, ask your instructor for advice.

7.  Withdrawal from a course can affect financial aid. Students who receive financial aid should see an advisor in the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing from a course. Also, students should stay on schedule to avoid being withdrawn. (See items #4 & 5 above)


1.       Pertinent announcements will be made in the MLC via the televisions on the back ledge and the flip chart at the entrance.

2.      Please check your email regularly and set your IVCC email to forward to your home email or your cell phone.


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