What Happens After I Apply?



3.0  Selection Formula

3.0A     Students with all the program prerequisites and any remediation requirements completed by the application deadline will be given priority over those still needing to complete program prerequisites and remediation.

3.0B     In those years when there are more qualified applicants than spaces available in the program, admission is competitive and selective.

3.0C     Applicants are ranked according to point totals, top to bottom, utilizing a formula approved by the Therapeutic Massage Department (THM 1200 points x GPA x Essay Score = point total)

3.0D     Applicants meeting at least minimum requirements are ranked from the top applicant (most points accumulated) down.

3.0E     A predetermined number are accepted to the program; additional applicants are placed on an alternate candidate list in rank order and are admitted as spaces become available, if any.

3.0F      Alternate candidate lists do not carry over from year-to-year; applicants not able to be admitted in a given year must re-apply for the following year, and must compete with all the other applicants for admission that year.


3.1  Residency

3.1A       In those years when there are more qualified applicants than spaces available in the program, preference is given to those applicants who are legal residents of IVCC district #513.

3.1B     In such instances, non-residents will be considered for admission only after all qualified and eligible district residents have been offered admission.  This will apply in all cases of non-residents, regardless of qualifications or ranking.

3.1C     Those desiring an official definition of residency may contact the Office of Admissions and Records.


3.2 Letters of Acceptance, Denial or Alternate Candidate List

3.2A     Applicants will receive an acceptance, denial, or alternate candidate letter and/or email after meeting all application requirements.

3.2B     Applicants may not register for any THM courses (except for THM 1200) until an acceptance letter and/or email has been received.

3.2C     If a student is placed on an alternate candidate list, they will receive notification from the Admissions Office or the Therapeutic Massage Coordinator if an accepted applicant drops out and space becomes available.


3.3  Admission Exception

3.3A     Students enrolled in any pre-admission courses (BIO 1200, ALH 1001, SFC 1000, THM 1200) in the Fall semester are encouraged to apply to the Program and will be reviewed and considered for conditional acceptance.







  Last Updated August 23, 2011