Life Science

The Life Science Department offers courses for students majoring in transfer programs such as biology, chemistry, engineering, pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy and other health-related disciplines. In addition, the department also offers required courses for students pursuing careers in applied degree programs such as nursing, dental hygiene, therapeutic massage, and radiation technology.

Natural Science Lab - A-101



Biology 1000
Biology 1001
Biology 1002
Biology 1003
Biology 1004
Biology 1007
Biology 1008
Biology 1009

All of the above courses, with the exception of Biology 1000, consist of a lecture, seminar and laboratory format. Biology 1001, 1002, 1003 and 1004 are courses that have “open” labs during the fall and spring semesters. This format allows students to complete laboratory work during times convenient to them while being assisted by a laboratory instructor. Students are expected to set aside time in their weekly schedule to complete the required lab work. Biology 1007, 1008 and 1009 have a “closed” laboratory format. Instructors are assigned to teach labs that students have registered for during a specified times each week.


Life Science Faculty


Life Science Faculty
Discipline Office Phone Number Email
Sue Caley Opsal
Anatomy & Physiology B319 224-0412 Sue_Caley@ivcc.edu
 Lauri Carey
  Biology Bldg 6
224-0217 Lauri_Carey@ivcc.edu
Carmen Hartford
Anatomy & Physiology, Biology
224-0321 Carmen Hartford@ivcc.edu
Lee Ann Johnson
Life Science Lab Instructor A310 224-0308 Leeann_Johnson@ivcc.edu
Steve Nett
Microbiology & Biology D311 224-0205 Steve_Nett@ivcc.edu
Eric Schroeder
Environmental Biology A 318 224-0328 Eric_Schroeder@ivcc.edu
Mike Phillips
Geology B 318 224-0394 Mike_Phillips@ivcc.edu

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Life Science Laboratory

The life science laboratory also supports all of the labs for the Life Sciences, Geology and Geography departments. Geology and Geography courses with labs are offered in an “open” laboratory format.


Life Science Faculty
Name Discipline Office Phone Number Email
Jeff Fesperman Geography D310 224-0356 Jeff_Fesperman@ivcc.edu
Mike Phillips Geology B 318 224-0394 Mike_Phillips@ivcc.edu


Lab Schedule

Life Science Students 2

The laboratory also has evening and Saturday hours available. Call the Life Science Laboratory for details (224-0308).

The Life Science Laboratory is open to all students enrolled in IVCC courses that require work to be completed in A 101.

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