Library Orientation Tours are being offered for the Fall semester!

Jacobs Library can help you get a good beginning on that research paper you have to write or any other library assignment you may receive by making you familiar with what the library has to offer.

Did you know that 75-80%  of the students who go to college experience “library anxiety”?  Students may be familiar with their high school or public libraries, but find the college library overwhelming in size.  Some of the comments we have heard from students ---

·   “Wow, this library is a lot bigger than my high school library.  How will I know where to find what I need?”

·   “I was always afraid of the librarians, but you’re really friendly.”

·   “I thought everybody else knew how to do research.  I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t.”

A Library Orientation Tour is your beginning to feeling comfortable in the library.  The library staff will acquaint you with---

·   Library procedures for checking out books

·   Copy card information

·   Use of library computers, including laptops

·   Location of almost everything you will need to find

 Even if you have frequently used our library before, you will learn something new!

Some of your instructors may require this tour for their classes.  A handout stamped by the library staff will be your verification that you have completed the Library Orientation Tour.

Orientation Tours will be offered  for two weeks at the beginning of the Fall semester.  You may sign-up below.

The tours are being offered at multiple times to accommodate your busy schedule and will last approximately 30 minutes.

Fill in the form below to register for a tour.  Select the date/time from the drop-down menu.  Each tour is limited to 20 students.