E-book Collections available through Jacobs Library

The following links will take you to the various e-book collections available to our patrons.  To search these from off-campus, you will be prompted for your IVCC ID number and last name.


E-book Collection

ABC-CLIO eBook Collection formerly Greenwood Digital Collection


Collection of e-books on various topics.  These titles can also be found through the library's online catalog.

Audiobook Collection   One Click Digital

Over 3,400 e-audiobooks are available to download to your computer.

EBSCO ebook Collection (formerly NetLibrary)

 Over 9,000 e-books on a variety of subjects.  These e-books can also be accessed through the library's online catalog.

Gale - Literature Criticism Online  


Online access to the Drama Criticism, Poetry Criticism and Short Story Criticism series published by Gale.
Gale Virtual Reference Library

E-book versions of the following Gale resources:
Drama for Students
Nonfiction Classics for Students
Novels for Students
Poetry for Students
Shakespeare for Students
Short Stories for Students
plus other ebook titles in the fields of literature, medicine, and social science

Infobase Publishing eBooks


A collection of over 100 ebooks on the following subjects: 
Literature, philosophy, psychological disorders, Native American history, health, medical, energy and the environment, and forensic science.
Oxford Reference Online

E-book reference collection with over 130 titles including subject encyclopedias and bilingual dictionaries.

SAGE eReference

62 titles from high quality reference resources published by SAGE and available in e-book format focusing on the social sciences.  These e-books can also be accessed through the library's online catalog.

Salem Health E-book version of the resource Salem Health: Psychology and Mental Health
Salem History E-book versions of the following resources:
The Forties in America
The Fifties in America
The Sixties in America
The Seventies in America
The Eighties in America
The Nineties in America
Milestone Documents of World Religions
Musicians and Composers
Salem Science
E-book version of the resource Encyclopedia of Global Resources

Springer Medicine eBook Collection     

Over 1,500 ebook titles from the Springer Collection.  The link takes you to the Springer site for all of their products.  To narrow your search for titles available to IVCC patrons select Medicine --> Books --> English.  We have access to titles published between 2005 and 2010.

This collection can also be accessed through the library's online catalog.