K-Number Log in Help - Do you KNOW your K?

 Your K-Number (on the bottom of the ID):

  • is your username for WebAdvisor, Blackboard and the network;
  • is the first part of your student email address and effective May 22 your email address will be knumber@students.ivcc.edu;
  • will never be used to identify you. It is to be used only as the username to log into the various computerized college systems.

Your student ID number (the purple numbers on the new student ID cards):

  • is used to identify you instead of using the social security number;
  • should be protected in the same manner as your social security number or credit card;
  • may also be used as a default password for campus accounts. (Be sure you change this default password after your initial login to keep your information secure.)

Please note: Effective Summer 2011, all students will be responsible for checking their IVCC email. All electronic college correspondence will only be sent to the IVCC email. For information on accessing this account, go to the Learning Commons.

To find out your K-Number you can...

  • Go to “What is my user ID”.
  • Use any of the “What’s my K-Number” computers across campus.
  • Go to the Learning Commons for help in D-201.
  • Get a new Student ID card in Admissions, C-211.
    Bring your old ID card when requesting a new card in order to avoid paying for a duplicate card.

New ID