How do I get Clickers?

In May 2007, IVCC acquired our first set of Classroom Response Systems (CRS), also known as Clickers.  We now have 4 sets containing 25-35 clickers and one USB receiver.  The system is manufactured by Turning Point Technologies.

Clicker systems are available through a variety of manufacturers and textbook vendors.  The system was chosen primarily due to its ease of use.  If you can use PowerPoint, you will find it very easy to integrate the CRS.  Their web site will direct you to free software download and examples of how the systems can be used.  Our Campus Standardization Agreement allows the software to be downloaded on your home and office computer, and the software is installed on smart classroom workstations.

You can reserve a clicker system by calling the Learning Technologies department at x451 or by emailing 555.  Because of limited availability, we suggest you plan well in advance.

Semester long, standing reservations for a class will be accepted, but limited to one standing reservation per instructor.  To clarify, you may request a reservation for every MWF, 10:00AM class for the semester, but not for all of your classes.

In addition to, or as an alternative to a standing reservation, you may reserve a set, for a semester's duration, on a less regular basis.  So in one course you might use them daily. In another you might use them on a regular basis, but not at every meeting. And in another you might use them irregularly. This will give you an opportunity to compare learning outcomes and assess the student reaction to various implementations.