Student Email Communication Guidelines

Email is considered an official means of communication and the College expects students to access their IVCC email account to read their mail on a regular basis.  Email sent by the college may be time-sensitive and may require student action.

These guidelines ensure the provision of an email account to facilitate access to information.  Students without access to the Internet at home may use the computers in the Learning Commons, Jacobs Library or at other locations on campus.

Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for all information sent to them via their official IVCC email account.  A student's failure to read communications from the college does not absolve them from complying with the content of such communications.

Student may elect to redirect mail sent to their IVCC email account to another email address, but do so at their own risk.  Email lost as a result of forwarding is not the responsibility of the College. 

Communications Sent Via Email

Students can expect that information deemed to be important to a student's success at IVCC will be sent via email. 

The following list provides examples of the types of information a student will receive only via email.  This is not intended to be a complete listing.

  • Reminders of important dates such as deadlines to pay tuition, opening of registration, etc.
  • Information about commencements and convocations
  • Financial aid award notifications
  • Library overdue notices
  • New student information about academic support services
  • Notices about student workshops
  • Student employment opportunity announcements
  • Communications from professors regarding course requirements
  • Policy notices

Inappropriate Use of Campus Email

It is the intent of the College to avoid overuse of email.  Campus employees will not send the following types of information to students.

  • Information unrelated to College business
  • Solicitations
  • Messages containing confidential information, such as course grades, and other personal information that is readily available to the student through WebAdvisor.
  • Email that violates the Acceptable Use Guidelines

Educational Uses of Email

Individual professors should communicate expectations regarding the use of email in their course syllabus. 

Assignment of Email Accounts

To assure that all students have access to this important form of communication, an official IVCC email account is created for each student enrolled in a credit course at IVCC.  Accounts are created each Tuesday and Thursday morning throughout the year and daily near the start of each semester.  The account will remain active as long as the student is actively enrolled in IVCC credit courses. 

The College provides one-on-one assistance and workshops to help students become proficient in the use of their email accounts.

These guidelines were developed by a sub-group of the Information Technology Committee in November 2007.

Approved by Information Technology Committee: November 2008.

Approved by President's Council: January 2009

Approved by Administrative Cabinet: January 2009