Part time faculty requesting guest voice mail accounts will be provided with a mailbox number and password.  Below are directions for using the guest voice mail.  


How do I access my voicemail externally:

  • Dial IVCC’s main phone number (815-224-2720)
  • When you hear “Thank you for calling Illinois Valley …Press*
  • Follow the instructions and enter your extension and password to get into your voice mail

The first time you access your voice mail you will be taking through a series of steps to add your name and greeting to your voice mail.


How do I Change my Password?
1. Log into your voicemail
2. Press 4 for Set-Up Options
3. Press 3 for Personal Settings
4. Press 1 for Password Change
5. Follow the prompts
Passwords should be alphanumeric.


I am going to be away for a few days, how do I set up a temporary voice mail?
 Login to your messages and choose 4 for setup options, then press 1 for Greetings.  Press 3 for Other Greetings.  Follow the prompts to set up an Alternate Greeting.


I have several new messages, how can I quickly go to the next one without listening to the whole message.
Press the # key



Outside callers can access your Guest Mail by using the following procedure:


1.      Dial the College Switchboard (815)224-2720 or (815)223-IVCC.


2.      When you hear the IVCC greeting, choose 5 to dial by extension.


3.      Enter the 4 digit guest mail box number followed by #.


4.      After the tone, you may leave a message.


If you have any questions, please call the Help Desk at 815-224-0555.