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Weekly Student Internship Form

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Field of Study:

Employer Name and Address:

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Total Number of Hours Worked During This Report Period:


Briefly describe the different tasks and activities you performed during this report period:


What have you learned that is new, or what new experiences have you had within your internship during this report period?  (i.e. - think about how you have had the opportunity to apply your technical skills, communication skills, problem solving, etc.)


List any activities that presented problems for you during this reporting period.  How did you go about resolving the problem you experienced? (If you have problems within your internship position that cannot be resolved with your work supervisor, you should contact your college program coordinator.)


Please reflect on experiences you have had in this reporting period.  Based on those experiences, what are your concerns and/or comments for your program instructor regarding academic training materials or techniques you believe you need to improve upon, or that need to be incorporated into classroom instruction?