Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Study Abroad Questions and Answers

Q. Do you have to be a full time student at IVCC to study abroad?
A. No, but you have to meet the requirements for each course.

Q. Can you get financial aid to study abroad?
A. Yes, but you will have to meet with your counselor to find out what kind of financial aid you have.

Q. Do you have to speak another language?
A. No.  None of the study abroad programs require that you currently speak a second language.  Courses for the semester long programs are in English, and the summer programs to Costa Rica and France are designed for any student, regardless of their experiences with a second language.

Q. Will housing be provided?
A. Yes, Housing is provided either in homes with local families or in dormatories, depending on the program you choose.

Q. Can you chose the courses you take while studying abroad?
A. Yes, you can choose some off your course, but some are required also.


International Incoming Questions and Answers

Q. Will you provide assistance in getting a visa?
A. IVCC can assist in finding out information on visas but you will have to file yourself.

Q. Do you have to speak English to attend IVCC?
A. Yes.  And you must score a minimum of 525 on the TOEFL exam to gain admission.

Q. Will any type of housing be provided for students?
A. NO. IVCC does not offer any type of housing on campus, but you can get some assistance finding housing through the I.E. office.

Q. Can you choose the courses you want to take at IVCC?
A. You can study any course you want as long as you meet the requirements for the degree you are seeking.