Interview with abroad student

Ali Losey, a second year IVCC student from Streator, took the challenge of the study abroad program in Canterbury, England, where she resided from January 7 until March 28th.

She kept up her studies by attending Canterbury Christ Church University located right in Canterbury. While attending Canterbury Christ Church University, Losey studied courses in World Religions, Children’s Literature, British History and Modern Britain.

As far as class procedures went, Losey said classes met only once a week for lecture followed by an hour seminar. She also described what homework and finals were like." Homework assignments were all writing paper!” explained Losey. Finals are the same way – you don’t get a quiz, you have to write a paper!

When Losey wasn’t hitting the books she was comfortably settled in with a couple by the names of Roy and June Manuel. They were the sweetest people, said Losey. Also residing at the Manual residence was Losey’s roommate Kate Mass from Elgin. Mass and Losey had separate bedrooms which made for a more “homey” feel.

Losey’s roommate was not the only new friend that she had made while studying in England. Lifelong bonds were made between Losey and the English students. Losey thought back on her English friends and said, “I miss my English friends. They showed us things, took us places and made us feel that their homes were ours.”

Losey keeps in touch with her friends overseas through email. She plans to go back to England to visit as soon as she saves enough money.

Hanging out with the locals was not the only thing that Losey did while studying abroad. She also traveled quite a bit. From Venice and Florence, Italy, to Edinburgh, Scotland, to Dublin, Ireland, to London and Dover, England, Losey was offered many experiences through the program.

“It was nice to see how others lived, what they thought of Americans, and to be away from Streator.” Students who are at least 18 years old, have at least 15 credit hours through IVCC, have at least a 2.75 GPA, and have received a B average in ENG 1001 can consider the study abroad program. This year IV will be offering semesters in England, Austria and Costa Rica. Prices range anywhere from $2,000-$10,000 for a semester.

Those interested or who have questions regarding the program should contact Steve Alvin at Steve_Alvin@ivcc.edu, or call him at (815) 224-0423, or visit him in room D-305.