Courses Approved as Global Studies Courses

Courses approved as "Internationalized" courses Schedule
ANT 1000
Introduction to Anthropology
GEG 1003
Cultural Geography
MKT 1210
Principles of Marketing
ANT 1002
Cultural Anthropology
GEG 1004
World Regional Geography
MUS 1000
Music Appreciation
ART 1000
Arty Survey I
GEL 1007
Environmental Geology
PHL 1013
Comparative Religions
ART 1010
Art Survey II
GEN 2000
Women Through Culture and Centuries
PHL 1001
Introduction To Philosophy
BIO 1000
The Global Environment
GEN 2001 (Radek)
Women in Ancient Cultures

BUS 1010
Introduction to Business
GEN 2002 (Radek)
Women in Literature
PHL 1003
Philosophy of Religion

BUS 2000
International Business

EBS 1200
Business Fundamentals
GER 2001
Intermediate German I
PSI 2000
International Relations
EBS 1210
Business Strategy
GER 2002
Intermediate German II
PSI 1003
Introduction to Global Studies
ECN 2002
Principles of Microeconomics
ECN 2003
Principles of Macroeconomics
EDC 2006 (Urban-Bollis)
Multicultural Education
HIS 1001
History of Western Civilization II
EDC 2000 (Urban-Bollis)
Education Psychology
HIS 1003
History of Eastern Civilization
RED 1008 (L. Thomas)
Power Reading
ENG 1001 (Jagasia)
English Composition I
HIS 2006
History of Middle Eastern Civilization
SOC 1000
Introduction To Sociology
ENG 1002 (Jagasia)
English Composition II
HIS 1000
History of Western Civilization I
SOC 1002
Marriage and Family
FEN 2001
Intermediate French I
HIS 2002
History of Latin America

SOC 2001 - (Dove)
Social Problems

FEN 2002
Intermediate French II
HIS 2008
Modern Africa
SPN 2001
Intermediate Spanish I
FEN 2003
Composition & Conversation
HSR 1202
Helping Across Cultures
SPN 2002
Intermediate Spanish II
FEN 2004
Survey of French Literature

LDS 1000
Leadership Development Studies

SPN 2003
Composition and Grammar
GEG 1001
Weather & Climate
LIT 2011
Major English Writers II
SPN 2004
Survey of Spanish Literature
GEG 1002
Physical Geography
MGT 2010
Principles of Management
THE 2002
Introduction To Theatre