Starved Rock Advantage (SRA) provides a link to local employers through Career Cruising/Inspire.

Have you ever wondered...?

Whether you're considering going on to college or going straight into a career, Career Cruising/Inspire is a great resource. Using tools available through your school system, you can get help in preparing for the transition from high school to the real world. If you learn more about your interests, do a little planning, and learn how to make good, informed career and education decisions, it can make a big difference in opening up better jobs and higher salaries.

Career Cruising/Inspire Can help you find the answers to your questions and more. Begin exploring today!

  1. Do you have access to Access your account. (If you don't have access - please contact your school counselor or principal.)
  2. If your school does not have access, please have your school counselor or principal contact us at: 815.224.0598 or
  3. Don't know where to start after logging in? Download this Quick Start Guide-Student-Career Cruising. (PDF)