It's never too early to help your student in developing a plan for their future.

When students understand the connection between education and the world of work, academic performance and career outcomes improve. Starved Rock Advantage helps your student achieve his or her goals by bridging the gap between class work and careers. Students and job-seekers are able to actively interact with area employers and career coaches. By encouraging your child to take advantage of the tools offered by Starved Rock Advantage, you can help them discover their career path and attain their best career options and goals.

Starved Rock Advantage provides a link to local employers through Career Cruising/Inspire. Career Cruising/Inspire is a web-based program which connects a student's career interests with real companies and real-life professionals in that career area. The system, which is powered by a licensed product called Career Cruising Inspire, provides a customized information sharing and resource gathering environment where students can:

Assess skills, abilities and preferences to see how they match up with careers of interest.
Explore careers with access to more than 600 career profiles, including career descriptions, education and training requirements, earning information, and more.
Connect to local companies throughout Starved Rock Area through company profiles that include description, location, career opportunities, work-based learning activities, and more.
Discuss career questions directly with local employers, follow discussions of interest, and read questions others have had about careers.
Experience careers first-hand by searching for job shadowing, mock interviews, company tours, company events, and internship opportunities offered by employers in your area.
Understand the education and training required for a particular career, compare school data and profiles, and access college prep, scholarship, and financial aid information.
Develop a job search plan, write a resume and cover letter, and prepare for a job interview with step-by-step help.

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