IVCC 2015 Stephen Charry Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence 

Purpose of the Faculty Excellence Award

In memory of respected History Professor Stephen Charry, this award is established to recognize instructors and counselors for outstanding service in teaching, leadership, professional development and contributions to the College and the community.  


Instructors and counselors who have been employed full time at IVCC for at least three years will be eligible to receive the award.  Once an individual has won the award, he/she will not be eligible for nomination for three years.

Recipient Awards, Recognition and Responsibilities

1. The individual selected for the Stephen Charry Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence will be nominated by IVCC for the Illinois Community College Trustees Association (ICCTA) Annual Outstanding Faculty Member Award.  The recipient may also be nominated by the President for other national competitions.

2. The individual selected will be announced at IVCC’s annual Recognition Event, formally recognized at Commencement, and is encouraged to speak at the Spring Honors Banquet and Fall Convocation.

3. A $500 stipend will be awarded to the recipient.  The recipient will also be eligible for financial support to undertake a professional development activity agreed upon by his or her Dean and the Vice President for Learning and Student Development. 

Selection Process

The selection process will be managed by the Office of Human Resources (HR).

1. Nominations will be solicited from faculty members (includes teaching faculty, laboratory instructors, and counselors), Project Success counselors, Academic and Student Service Administrators, and the President.  Students will also have an opportunity to nominate full-time faculty and counselors.  The three most recent award recipients are not eligible to nominate.  Full-time faculty members and counselors will score the final slate of candidates.

2. HR will distribute nomination forms to staff eligible to nominate.  The Director of Student Activities will distribute nomination forms to students.  All completed nomination forms need to be returned to HR.

3. The awardees from three previous years will form a subcommittee and screen nominations to ensure that all candidates meet the minimum requirements; review the nominations with the nominees themselves to verify accuracy; submit no more than ten names to HR.

4. Nominees will be asked to complete a biographical information form summarizing their activities at IVCC and in the community.

5. HR will distribute an evaluation form to all full-time faculty members and counselors who will have an opportunity to score the nominations.


Copies of the nomination forms can be found at https://www.ivcc.edu/awards/.