March 2010

Anna Marie Pietrolonardo
- Participated in AD/HD and Executive Function Workshop "Supporting Students That Struggle" with  Alicia Brandon, M.Ed. from Landmark College.
- Presented Careers in World Language for area middle/high school students in AM Career Day session.
- Attended Illinois Assessment Fair and presented a workshop on "Project-based Learning Assessment.
- Presented MayaWorks Fair Trade Guatemalan weavings and beadwork as a WLO fundraiser. Raised $132 for MayaWorks and $102 for WLO.
- Participated in Respondus Lock-Down Browser Webinar.
- Presented "A Wise Latina: Sonia Sotomayor" for WLO World Language Month and Women's History Month.
- Collaborated with WLO Student Volunteers to develop a Spanish-language version of the promotional materials for Tax Assistance 2010.
- Participated in Webinar for Learning Management System Team with Timecruiser, one of the vendors under consideration.

February 2010

Francie Skoflanc
- North Central Illinois ARTworks Gallery at the Willows in Utica is now open. Karen Zeilman, Francie Skoflanc, Judy Anderson (part time faculty and Jill Hjel, cashier all have work in the gallery.ARTworks is a new art organization in the Illinois Valley area. Francie - - Skoflanc is Treasurer and one of the founders. Join us at our meetings on the second Thursday of the month at the IM Canal Visitor Center in La Salle. Building community through art!
- High School Art Exhibition and Portfolio show is now going on in E Building in front of the HFASS office. We had seven high schools participate with two portfolio winners from LP High School and Ottawa High School. A reception will be held on Tuesday, February 16 at 6:30pm

Amanda Bigelow
- Amanda Bigelow will give a presentation titled "Preparing Students for Difficult Dialogues: Explorations in Critical Thinking and Cognitive Dissonance in a Multicultural Learning Environment" at the 2010 Midwest Institute for International/Intercultural Education in March.

Anna Marie Pietrolonardo
- Collaborated with Rick Shields, P/T Faculty -Accounting to provide Spanish-language translation service for Tax Assistance 2010. I developed a Train-the-Trainer course in Business and Tax Vocabulary and Intake Interview Q & A format. I trained the WLO officers so that they can in turn train interested WLO members who want to be volunteers. Tax sessions are being held every Thursday through April 15. The WLO students have been successful in assisting Hispanic clients and will be recognized by both WLO and the IRS for their valuable work.
- I have volunteered to participate in a Pilot Study of Elluminate for Web-conferencing as a supplement to my fully online, independent study and blended classes. I shall evaluate the Elluminate features and benefits and make recommendations based on my experience regarding a possible roll out of the program. Previously, I used a limited (3-person connection) version of Elluminate for my Independent Study students and found it helpful, especially when students cannot attend classes or other meetings on campus. The current version does not require a telephone connection  being entirely based on the Internet. It has greater potential and flexibility for expanded application in distance learning.

January 2010

Anna Marie Pietrolonardo
- Learning Management System Evaluation Team resumed weekly meetings to prepare recommendations for proposed changes in Learning Management System options for IVCC classes. I am concentrating on the Course Documents section of LMS and making recommendations on other areas as well. This is my second term on the LMS Team.

December 2009

Anna Marie Pietrolonardo
- WLO Pre-Holiday Bake Sale is scheduled for Monday, December 7th.  It is the last of many WLO activities for this semester.  Proceeds will go towards Spring activities.

Kim Radek
- Kim finished her first semester of coursework for a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies.

November 2009

Anna Marie Pietrolonardo
- Anna attended the recap session of the LMS Evaluation Task Force and signed up to continue for a second year in the group that is evaluating potential Learning Management Systems for IVCC.  I have been working on the Class Activities, Project-Based Learning aspects of her courses delivered through LMS to online and blended students and will continue contributing to the task force in this and other areas as needed.
- Anna attended the ICTFL Fall Conference in Lisle, IL, where she had the opportunity to network with other world language instructors from the region, expecially from our feeder schools.
- Anna presented a three-hour workshop on Project-Based Language Learning to teachers from all areas of Illinois and grade levels from K through university.  This was an expansion of the one-hour session she did last year, and all my alumni returned for more.  It was a gratifying experience to see much interest in her methods.
- Anna organized a WLO fundraiser, Tamale Tuesday.  Student members and their families prepared the tamales and sold them, netting WLO another $150 toward the cost of Cinco de Mayo for the whole IVCC community.
- Anna attended a workshop on High Functioning Autism and Asperger's Disease sponsored by the IVCC Special Populations Office on November 17th.  Anna is particularly interested in the subject because there are increasing numbers of young people being diagnosed with HFA/Asperger's and she has a student with the condition in her class this semester.  The information was helpful.
- Anna designed a display of calaveras in honor of Day of the Dead in Jacobs Library.  The display features calaveras made by students over her years at IVCC.  On November 2nd, her blended Spanish class held a special cultural session in B216.  They invited the community and especially the students from the online classes.  Students enjoyed a wonderful hispanic meal and made calaveras - one to keep and one to add to the collection for future display.  They enjoyed a film about Day of the Dead in Mexico as they worked in a very relaxed atmosphere.
- Anna organized the sixth annual Mix It Up at Lunch Day at IVCC with the help of WLO members who facilitated conversations amoung student during lunch in the IVCC cafeteria.  Forty three students participated in the project betwee 11AM and 1PM on November 9, 2009.
- On November 20th, Anna took a WLO group on a field trip to Texas de Brazil, a five star Brazilian Churrascaria in Schaumburg, IL.  Many students dined for the first time in their lives in a restaurant with a dress code (no jeans, no tee-shirts, no shorts!) and had an opportunity to sample many of the finest foods of South America.  They also learned a lot about table service, silverware and fine dining.  After the meal, the students shopped at Woodfield Mall and walked off some of the calories.  On the way home, THEY started a sing-along on the bus.  They all had a wonderful time.

October 2009

Anna Marie Pietrolonardo
- On October 5, 2009, Anna presented the enhancements that I made to my Fall courses with respect to multicultural education to Dr. Pearce as part of the agreement for participation on the 2009 Multicultural Education Summer Institute.
- On October 7, 2009, Anna presented a program on Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice as part of WLO Hispanic Heritage Month activities.  Anna plans to repeat the program as requested for Women's History Month/World Language Month in March 2010.

September 2009

Norm Engstrom
- Norm was elected President Elect of the Illinois Theatre Association at their annual convention.

Anna Marie Pietrolonardo
- Anna organized Hispanic heritage month activities for WLO including Centennial Re-enactment of Grito do la Independencia (two performances in cafeteria during lunch and a bake sale featuring a Latin American luncheon menu of Aztec Chili, Arepas, Horchata and Tamarindo.
- Anna organized Hispanic Heritage Month Film Festival for WLO featuring PBS documentary film "Chicago's Puerto Rican Story" and a Puerto Rican meal for WLO students and guests.

August 2009

Francie Skoflanc
- Dudek Scholarship for Graphic Design Technology students was awarded to Veronica Rivera.
- Graphic Design Technology students will be working on a presentation for the City of LaSalle.  Students will give the downtown area a new look with their graphic design skills.
- The Photoshop students of Francie Skoflanc and the Creative Writing students of Mark Brown will collaborate on a project this semester.  The end results will be on display in downtown LaSalle later in the semester.

Anna Marie Pietrolonardo
- Successfully completed summer 1 & 2 sessions with 106 students, an increase of 45 students or 73% over summer 2008.  Students who would not normally attend IVCC were attracted to the fully online courses that Anna has developed.  In addition to district residents who are full-time students at 4-year universities, Anna had students for Iowa, Arkansas and New Jersey.  Most gratifying, word-of-mouth referrals from former students brought several students to IVCC for Anna's Spanish classes.
- Anna participated in the faculty panel and had an information table for World Languages, WLO and Sigma Delta Mu at Fall Preview.

Karen Zeilman
- Shannon Slaight has been chosen as the winner of a regional contest for a group called POMC.  They are "Parents of Murdered Children".  A spokesperson from this group contacted Karen lst year when she was teaching drawing.  They wanted a new design from the Illinois chapter's promotional materials.