What is a typical day for a graphic designer?

Your duties may range from:

  • Creating original designs
  • develop ideas
  • prepare layouts
  • choose colors and lettering
  • write copy and headlines
  • prepare art for service bureau
  • prepare and email art to other companies
  • order supplies
  • review projects
  • prepare schedule for the day
  • respond to numerous calls during the day
  • client meetings
  • computer system back up and maintenance

...be prepared to put extra time or hours in to get the job done!


To be successful as a graphic designer you should have the following capabilities:

  • good design sense and fresh ideas
  • conceptual skills
  • basic knowledge of industry graphics software (Quark, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop)
  • can interact easily with clients and associates, and willing to do so
  • client-service oriented
  • can handle stress
  • pays attention to detail
  • good vocabulary/spelling skills
  • good at catching errors
  • basic math skills
  • understands the importance of meeting deadlines
  • should be able to keep up with industry changes and be willing to evolve with it