Geology in the News

USGS: Recent Earthquakes

Go here for info on the recent Earthquake in Southern Illinois (be sure to visit the "did you feel it" section to report your experience)


Solomon Islands Tsunami

NPR Report


Hurricane Katrina: NOAA

On-line Maps

U.S. Energy Information Agency
Katrina Impact

LSU: Hurricane Impact Study (includes maps)

Duke Univ. Program for Study of Developed Shorelines

National Geographic resources
Katrina News | Hurricanes (Aug 05) | Louisiana Wetlands (Oct 04)
Wetlands & Oil (Feb 05)

PBS resources
Journey to Planet Earth: New Orleans
New Orleans: City in a Bowl 


Indonesian Tsunami:  NOAA | USGS | pictures
animation of tsunami | video


USGS: Daily Streamflow

NWS: streamflow & forecasts


National Drought Mitigation Center


NASA/JPL: Recent News on Mars Exploration


Yahoo News: Science