Student Technology Survey

Illinois Valley Community College is continuing to developing its Information Technology Strategic Plan.  This plan is used to guide future technology purchases for the college and identify ways to modify and improve support services and instruction for students.

In order for us to make informed decisions, we would like your input about the types of technologies you are currently using and may be likely to use in the future.

Your responses will be confidential.  Only compiled data will be shared.  Data may also be shared with other community colleges in Illinois who are studying student technology habits.  If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, contact the IVCC HSRRB,, 815-224-0550.

This survey will take about ten minutes to complete.  There will be no penalty if you choose not to take the survey, however your opinions are very important to us.    

1.  For each technology listed below, please indicate how often  you use that technology for personal use OUTSIDE THE IVCC CAMPUS.  (Please check one answer per item.) 

 Desktop computer

 Full-sized laptop computer

Small, light-weight netbook computer

Tablet computer (iPAD, Galaxy tab, etc.)

Dedicated e-book reader (Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook, etc.)

IPOD or other MP3 player

Smartphone capable of accessing the Internet (iPhone, Blackberry, IPOD Touch, DROID, PDA, etc.)

 Digital video recorder (FLIP camera, etc.)

 Digital content (online books or material available online for download)


 Wikis (Wikipedia, etc.)

 Video Conferencing (Skype, etc.)

 Online text or chat

Technology use outside campus


2.    Do you have access to the Internet from home?

3.  Who is your Internet Service provider?


4.  How often do you use each of the following:





Windows Live Spaces


How often do you use each of the following:

Are there other social networking sites that you visit?  If so, please list them here:

5.  During the current semester, how often do you use the Learning Commons Open Computer Lab and/or IVCC online services?

Use the Learning Commons (D201) Open Computer Lab

Log on to Webadvisor

Visit the IVCC Home Page

Use IVCC's Blackboard

Use MyLab or another Learning System, other than Blackboard

Use IVCC Student Email

Use another email account

Bring your own computer or other device to campus

Connect your devices (laptop, iPAD, smartphone, etc.) to IVCC's wireless network

How often do you do the following during the semester?

6. If you bring your own computer or other device to campus, what device(s) do you bring?



 7.  Thinking about your courses at IVCC, please indicate how often you use each of the following to do work RELATED TO A COURSE OR ASSIGNMENT:

Spreadsheets (Excel), etc.

Presentation software (PowerPoint, etc.)

Word processing software (Word, etc.)

Graphics software (Photoshop, Flash, etc.)

Video creation software (MoveMaker, iMovie, etc.)

Wikis (Wikipedia, course wiki, etc.)

Course lecture podcasts or videos


Programming languages (C++, Java, etc.)

Instant Messaging

Discipline-specific technologies (Mathematica, AutoCAD)

Online virtual worlds (Second Life, Forterra, etc.)

Simulations or educational games

E-books or e-textbooks

Clickers or student response systems

How Often used for assignment.


8. My preference for textbooks is  

If eBook, in what subjects would you like electronic texts: 

 9.  Please rate your satisfaction with each of the following:

The number of computers available in the open computer labs

The quality of the computers in the open computer labs

Printers available in the open computer labs

Internet speed on the computers in the open computer labs

Student email

IVCC wireless network


Secure online tuition payment

Satisfaction with IVCC Technology


 10.  Thinking of things that would help you to achieve your academic goals, please list any suggestions you may have for technology improvements at IVCC:

 11.  What additional technology would you like to see added to IVCC classrooms?

12.  Please indicate how likely you would be to use each of the following if they were made available in the future?

Student Portal: sign in once for access to WebAdvisor, Blackboard, email and other systems

Computer kiosks throughout the campus buildings to check email, Blackboard, etc.

Printer kiosks throughout the campus buildings to quickly print out assignments

Would you use this technology


The following questions will be used to classify the survey responses:

1.  This semester are you attending IVCC:

2.  What is your gender?


3.  What is your age?

4.  Which of the following best describes your primary reason for attending IVCC:


5.  Please indicate your employment status:

6.  How would you identify your ethnic background?


7.  Are you receiving financial aid this semester?

Seven digit student number (found on your class schedule or student ID card): 

Your identity will not be associated with your survey responses.  You identification number is being collected to avoid duplicate entries.